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Case name Citation Summary
Trustees of Dartmouth College v. Woodward 1819 impairment of contracts
Sturges v. Crowninshield 1819 constitutionality of state bankruptcy laws
McCulloch v. Maryland 1819 doctrine of implied powers
Laidlaw v. Organ 1817 the rule of caveat emptor in a commodity delivery contract
Martin v. Hunter's Lessee 1816 Loyalist property forfeiture, Supreme Court review of state court judgments
Fairfax's Devisee v. Hunter's Lessee 1813 Loyalist property forfeiture
The Schooner Exchange v. M'Faddon 1812 capture and possession of foreign ships
United States v. Hudson and Goodwin 1812 Federal court jurisdiction over common law crimes
Fletcher v. Peck 1810 property rights
Ex parte Bollman 1807 habeas corpus, definition of treason, Supreme Court's power to issue writs to circuit courts
Strawbridge v. Curtiss 1806 federal diversity jurisdiction
Bailiff v. Tipping 1805 a citation (a court order for a person to appear) must accompany a writ of error in order for the Supreme Court to hear the case
Little v. Barreme 1804 presidential and congressional power
Stuart v. Laird 1803 enforceability of rulings issued by judges who have since been removed from office
Marbury v. Madison 1803 judicial review of laws enacted by the United States Congress
Talbot v. Seeman 1801 Marine salvage rights in time of war
New York v. Connecticut 1799 first original jurisdiction suit between two States
Calder v. Bull 1798 ex post facto clause applies to criminal, not civil cases
Hollingsworth v. Virginia 1798 ratification of Eleventh Amendment, presidential approval is unnecessary for Constitutional amendment
Hylton v. United States 1796 tax on carriages

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