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Case name Citation Summary
Ableman v. Booth 1859 The contradiction of Federal law by States
Dred Scott v. Sandford 1857 slavery, the definition of citizenship
Cooley v. Board of Wardens 1852 pilotage laws under the Commerce Clause
Strader v. Graham 1851 slavery and the application of state laws thereof.
Hotchkiss v. Greenwood 1850 Early standard for non-obviousness in United States patent law
Sheldon v. Sill 1850 Congressional control of the jurisdiction of the lower federal courts
Passenger Cases 1849 taxation of immigrants, constitutionality of state laws regarding foreign commerce
Luther v. Borden 1849 guarantee clause of Article Four of the United States Constitution
Prigg v. Pennsylvania 1842 runaway slaves
Swift v. Tyson 1842 Federal common law in diversity jurisdiction cases, later overturned
The Amistad 1841 slave trade and slave ownership