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Case name Citation Summary
Baker v. Selden 1879 differences between copyright & patent law
Trade-Mark Cases 1879 Copyright Clause does not give Congress the power to regulate trademarks
Wilkerson v. Utah 1878 capital punishment
Reynolds v. United States 1878 polygamy and freedom of religion
City of Elizabeth v. American Nicholson Pavement Co. 1878 experimental use exception to the on-sale bar in United States patent law
Pennoyer v. Neff 1877 bases of personal jurisdiction over defendants
Munn v. Illinois 1876 corporations and agricultural regulation
United States v. Cruikshank 1875 application of the First and Second Amendments to the states
Totten v. United States 1875 jurisdiction over espionage agreements
Minor v. Happersett 1874 Fourteenth Amendment and the right to vote
Bradwell v. State of Illinois 1873 equal protection, exclusion of women from employment
Slaughterhouse Cases 1873 freedom of employment
Taylor v. Taintor 1872 rights and responsibilities of bail bondsmen
United States v. Klein 1871 separation of powers
Baker v. Morton 1870 land claims in the Nebraska Territory
Hepburn v. Griswold 1870 constitutionality of legal tender laws