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Case name Citation Summary
Edwards v. California 1941 Commerce Clause, privileges and immunities clause of the 14th Amendment
United States v. Classic 1941 power of the federal government to regulate primary elections
United States v. Darby Lumber Co. 1941 power of the United States Congress to regulate employment conditions; Commerce Clause
Cox v. New Hampshire 1941 petitions on public property
Railroad Commission v. Pullman Co. 1941 Abstention doctrine
Sibbach v. Wilson 1941 Erie doctrine, applicability of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Helvering v. Horst 1940 refinement of assignment of income doctrine
Hansberry v. Lee 1940 Docket No: none
res judicata may not bind a subsequent plaintiff who had no opportunity to be represented in the earlier civil action
Minersville School District v. Gobitis 1940 saluting the flag
United States v. American Trucking Associations 1940 Motor Carrier Act of 1935 did not empower the Interstate Commerce Commission to regulate all employees of common and contract motor carriers, but rather only those whose duties affect safety of operation
Cantwell v. Connecticut 1940 incorporated Free Exercise Clause
Thornhill v. Alabama 1940 free speech clause of First Amendment includes peaceful labor picketing
Helvering v. Bruun 1940 A landlord realizes a taxable gain when he repossesses property improved by a tenant
Chambers v. Florida 1940 coerced confessions in a murder case