Fair Comment

A comment made which though defamatory, is not actionable as it is an opinion on public interest.

Fair Market Value

The hypothetical probable price that could be obtained for a property.

Falsa Demonstratio Non Nacet

Latin, a wrong description of an item in a legal document will not necessarily void the gift if it can be determined from other facts.

False Imprisonment

the holding of an individual without proper authority or general detention not authorized by law


A form of government which is authoritarian and oppressively conservative, who believes in the supremacy of the stated national group.


A breach of duty or negligence and, under some circumstances, the errors or omissions of others or of things under a person's control.

Federal Court

courts under the jurisdiction of US law; separated into district courts, court of appeals, and the Supreme Court


A system of government which has created, by written agreement, a central and national government to which it has distributed specified legislative powers, and called the federal 
government, and regional governments to which is distributed other specified legislative powers.


A serious crime for which the punishment would entail more than a year of imprisonment.

Ferae Naturae

Latin, "wild in nature."