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Most Popular Legal Definitions


civil law term which imposes liability on a person who causes injury to another, or for injury caused by a person or thing under his custody

lex scripta

Latin, written law; statutes.


Persons who own a share of a for-profit corporation.


an agreement between persons which obliges each party to do or not to do a certain thing


to professionally evaluate the value of property

savings and loan

A banking and lending institution, chartered either by a state or the federal government. Savings and loans only make loans secured by real property from deposits.


Also spelled fikh, it is the law of Islam.


to bring a case forward for legal proceedings to recover certain rights or equitable recompense 

after-acquired property

1) personal or real property acquired by a debtor after he or she has agreed that all his or her property secured a debt; the new property also becomes security for the debt 2) property acquired by the bankrupt person after he or she has filed papers to be declared bankrupt; this after-acquired property is not included in the assets which may be used to any debts which existed at the time of the bankruptcy filing

ancillary jurisdiction

term used in federal courts when the court decides matters not normally under federal jurisdiction so that it can give a judgment on the entire controversy, the main issue at hand is a federal matter which it is authorized by law to determine