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Buying back.


1) The criminal act of entering a residence or other enclosed property through the slightest amount of force without authorization. If there is intent to commit a crime, this is burglary.


1) An exception to a zoning ordinance, authorized by the appropriate governmental body. 2) a difference between what the prosecution has charged and what it has proved. 3) a difference between what is alleged and what is proved in a civil complaint.

actual controversy

A true legal dispute which leads to a genuine lawsuit rather than merely a "cooked up" legal action filed to get a court to give the equivalent of an advisory opinion.


Violence against a civilian intended to intimidate a population or a government from taking or abstaining from an act.

lay day

A term of maritime law contract: days stipulated for the loading or unloading of cargo from a ship.


a person to whom property is transferred by sale or gift, particularly real property


An agreement between the party suing in a lawsuit and another person, usually an attorney, who agrees to finance and carry the lawsuit in return for a percentage of the recovery.

resisting arrest

the knowing and physical resistance to a lawful arrest


 A form of judge in early Roman law.