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Most Popular Legal Definitions

in limine

Latin, at the beginning or on the threshold.


1) to choose; formal expression of opinion 2) suffrage


written and signed document which sets out the things that have to be done or recognitions of the parties towards a certain object


A tenet of islamic law to adherents, with the reward of eternal life in Paradise, if they promote and exhort the word of Muhammed and the Koran to others, often including the use of violence.

dominant tenement

Used when referring to easements to specify that property (i.e. tenement) or piece of land that benefits from, or has the advantage of, an easement.

legal fiction

A ruling on law based on hypothetical facts.

public domain

American copyright law term: works that are not copyright protected, free for all to use without permission.


The secret viewing of another person in a place where the person would have a reasonable expectation of privacy, for the purpose of the viewer's sexual arousal.

high seas

A term of international and maritime law; the open ocean that is not part of any exclusive economic zone, territory, or international waters of any state.


The legal ending of a marriage by court order.