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Most Popular Legal Definitions

without prejudice

A reservation made on a statement or an offer that it is not an admission or cannot otherwise be used against the issuing party in future dealings or litigation with any determinative legal effect.

criminal libel

a criminal offense; deliberate publication of defamatory lies which the publisher knows to be false

petit jury

ordinary trial jury consisting of 12 persons whose job it is to uncover facts in dispute in criminal or civil proceedings


in some jurisdictions, this name is used for the party who has wont at the trial court level, but the loser has appealed the decision to a higher court, thus the appellee has to file a response to the legal brief filed by the appellant; in many jurisdictions the appellee is called the "respondent"


Killing one's father.


1) a favor done without compensation, such as a signature guaranteeing payment of a debt, sometimes called an accommodation endorsement 2) compromising with an for the sake of resolution


The act of freeing a person who was under the legal authority of another from that control


The voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others.

criminal law

body of law that deals with conduct considered so harmful to society as a whole that it is prohibited by statute, prosecuted and punished by the government


generally refers to the characterization of a question asked by the opposing attorney which does not really seek information but challenges the truthfulness or credibility of the witness