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Most Popular Legal Definitions

bona fide

 Latin for "good faith," it signifies honesty, for example, "The defendant made a bona fide attempt to arrive in court on time"


1)  childish; immature; relating to youth or children 2) an individual under the age specified by state law, determined for various reasons, the requirement to have legal guardian present in a court of law and for the levying of different charges or consequences compared to crimes or infractions committed by adults


An exclusive privilege granted to an inventor to make, use or sell an invention for a set number of years.


When a person has absolute power over another, including life and liberty.

superior court

The name used in 16 states for the basic county trial court.

express trust

A trust which is created by the settlor, usually in the form of a document, although it can be oral.


The act of having non-consensual sex with a woman.

in pari delicto

Latin for 'both parties are at fault.'


A seller, particularly of real property.


the decision of a jury after a trial, which must be accepted by the trial judge to be final.