Habeas Corpus

Latin, a court petition which orders that a person being detained be presented before a judge for a hearing to decide whether the detention is lawful. (A writ of habeas corpus.)

Habitual Offender

A person who is convicted and sentenced for crimes over a period of time and despite incarceration demonstrates a propensity towards future criminal conduct.

Habitual Residence

Ordinary residence.

Halliday Order

A special court order in regards to document disclosure where a lawyer for a litigant first reviews documents from specified sources and identifies and proposes to set aside and distinguish documents for reasons of privilege, privacy, confidentiality, or the potential personal embarrassment of the party given the personal nature of the information in the document.


Unsolicited words or conduct which tends to annoy, alarm, or abuse another person.

Hatch Act

In the U.S., a statute which controls political activity of government employees.


a court proceeding where arguments and testimony are given 


Evidence that is offered by a witness of which they do not have direct knowledge, but is based on what others have said to them.

Heat Of Passion

generally acts as a defense which argues that due to certain provocation of a mental state of fear, anger, or worry that enticed a specific action; used to lessen or remove a charge 


A beneficiary of a will or an intestacy.

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