Immigrant Visa

a document providing specified rights for an alien


An exemption that a person enjoys from the normal operation of the law.


A deterioration of an individual's judgment and decrease in his or her's physical ability. In law, it used primarily in regards to a person who is driving while ability impaired by alcohol or drugs. (D.W.A.I.) A DWAI is different from a DWI in that it doesn't require a predetermined B.A.C.

Implied Trust

A trust that is imposed by law onto certain situations by presuming the intention of the participants to create a trust, simply because of the facts at hand.

In Camera

A closed and private session of court.

In Limine

Latin, at the beginning or on the threshold.

In Loco Parentis

Latin, a person who thought not the natural parent, has acted as a parent to a child and may thus be liable to legal obligations as if they were a natural parent.

In Pari Delicto

Latin for 'both parties are at fault.'

In Personam

Latin, regarding a person; a right, action, judgment, or entitlement that is attached to a specific person.

In Rem

Latin, regarding a thing; proprietary in nature; a right or judgment related to the use or ownership of an item.