Ultimate Fact

In a trial, a conclusion of fact which is logically deduced from evidence.


a final proposition that if met with resistance could result in force or other form of final judgement


something that is unchangeable or not otherwise transferable; intrinsic; as in unalienable rights


unanimous; all persons concerned in an outcome being of equal mind in the decision

Unclean Hands

A legal doctrine which is a defense to a complaint, which states that a party who is asking for a judgment cannot have the help of the court if he/she has done anything unethical in relation to the subject of the lawsuit.


Referring to a contract or bargain which is so unfair to a party that no reasonable or informed person would agree to it.


Referring to a statue, governmental conduct, court decision or private contract which violate one or more provisions of the U.S. Constitution.


1) To agree to pay an obligation which may arise from an insurance policy. 2) to guarantee purchase of all shares of stock or bonds issued by a corporation. 3) to guarantee by investment in a business or project.

Unfair Competition

Wrongful and/or fraudulent business methods to gain and unfair advantage.

Unfair Dismissal

A dismissal of an employee in the absence of a substantial reason.

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