37-08 National Guard Reserve

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CHAPTER 37-08NATIONAL GUARD RESERVE37-08-01. National guard reserve - Organization. The national guard reserve is allindividuals who are subject to service in the national guard and are not serving in the national<br>guard of this state. Subject to the rules and regulations of the president, a national guard reserve<br>must be maintained in this state which consists of organizations, officers, and enlisted members<br>as the president may prescribe, and members of the reserve may be assigned as reserves to an<br>active organization of the national guard.37-08-02. Enlistments in national guard reserve - Contract - Oath. Individuals dulyqualified for enlistment in the active national guard may enlist in the national guard reserve for a<br>period of one year or three years under the regulations prescribed by the secretary of defense.<br>Upon enlisting in the reserve, each individual shall subscribe the following enlistment contract<br>and take the oath therein specified:I acknowledge to have voluntarily enlisted on ____________, ____, as a soldier inthe national guard of the United States and of the state of North Dakota, to serve in the<br>reserve thereof, or in the active national guard of the United States and said state if<br>transferred thereto, for a period of one year (or three years), unless sooner discharged by<br>proper authority, and I do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the<br>United States of America and to the state of North Dakota, and that I will serve them<br>honestly and faithfully against all their enemies whomsoever, and that I will obey the<br>orders of the president of the United States and the governor of the state of North Dakota,<br>and of the officers appointed over me according to law, the rules of war, and the uniform<br>code of military justice.37-08-03. Transfer from active to reserve list and from reserve to active list. Undersuch regulations as the secretary of defense may prescribe, enlisted members of the active<br>national guard may be transferred to the national guard reserve and members enlisted in or<br>transferred to the national guard reserve may be transferred to the active national guard, except<br>that no enlisted member may be required to serve under any enlistment for a longer time than<br>the period for which that member enlisted in the active national guard or national guard reserve,<br>as the case may be.37-08-04. Method of drafting reserves for service. Whenever it is necessary to callout any portion of the reserve militia for active duty, the governor shall direct an order to the<br>adjutant general, who, upon receipt of such order, shall cause to be drafted by lot, by mustering<br>officers detailed for that duty from the national guard, as many of the reserve militia, or shall<br>accept as many volunteers, as are required by the governor. The adjutant general forthwith shall<br>forward to the governor a list of persons drafted or accepted as volunteers.37-08-05. Pay and allowances of reservists on active duty. Officers and enlistedmembers of the national guard reserve, when engaged in field or coast defense training with the<br>active national guard, shall receive the same federal pay and allowances as those occupying like<br>grades on the active list of said guard when likewise engaged. No commissioned or enlisted<br>reservist may receive any pay or allowance out of any appropriation made by the Congress of the<br>United States for national guard purposes except as otherwise specifically provided in this title.Page No. 1Document Outlinechapter 37-08 national guard reserve