37-10 Armories

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CHAPTER 37-10ARMORIES37-10-01.Adjutant general to provide national guard facilities for units.Theadjutant general shall provide adequate facilities for each unit of the North Dakota national guard.<br>All national guard facilities are under the exclusive control of the adjutant general or any officer<br>designated by the adjutant general.37-10-02. Board of armory supervisors - Appointment - Meetings. Repealed byS.L. 1971, ch. 343, </p> <BR></DIV><!-- /.col.one --><!-- /.col.two --></DIV><!-- /.col.main --></DIV><!-- /div id = content --> <BR class=clear></DIV> <!-- /div id = livearea --> <DIV></DIV><!-- /.col.one --> <DIV></DIV><!-- /.col.main --> <DIV></DIV><!-- /#content --><BR class=clear> <DIV></DIV><!-- /#livearea --> <!-- Footer--> <DIV id=footer> <DIV class=container> <P class=copyright>Copyright &copy; 2012-2021 Laws9.Com All rights reserved. </P><!-- /.copyright --> <P class=footerlinks><A href="/contactus.html">Contact Us</A> | <A href="/aboutus.html">About Us</A> | <A href="/terms.html">Terms</A> | <A href="/privacy.html">Privacy</A></P><!-- /.footerlinks --> </DIV><!-- /.container --> </DIV><!-- /footer --> </BODY></HTML>