37-11 Pensions and Disability Allowances

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CHAPTER 37-11PENSIONS AND DISABILITY ALLOWANCES37-11-01. Members of militia and national guard and dependents may be givenpension. Every member of the militia or national guard who has been or who shall be wounded<br>or disabled or the surviving dependents of such member in case of the member's death from<br>such wound or disability while:1.In the service of this state in case of riot, tumult, breach of the peace, resistance to<br>process, invasion, disaster relief, the protection of life or property, or insurrection, or<br>imminent danger thereof;2.Engaged in any lawfully ordered parade, drill, encampment, or inspection;3.Acting pursuant to call in aid of the civil authorities; or4.Otherwise ordered to state active duty by the governor,must be taken care of and provided for at the expense of this state in the manner provided in this<br>chapter.37-11-02. Compensation for disability or death. Applications for compensation fordisability or death of any member of the militia or member of the national guard under conditions<br>as specified in section 37-11-01 must be made by such member or the member's surviving<br>dependents to workforce safety and insurance. The organization shall process such application<br>in the manner set forth in title 65 and shall make determinations of eligibility and disability in the<br>same manner and upon the same basis as provided in such title. In the event the organization<br>determines a member of the militia or national guard has been disabled under the provisions of<br>section 37-11-01 and title 65 or valid claims of surviving dependents of such member exist in<br>accordance with section 37-11-01 and title 65, it shall pay the claim pursuant to title 65.37-11-03. Pension to widow and minor children of member of militia or nationalguard. Repealed by S.L. 1965, ch. 256, </p> <BR></DIV><!-- /.col.one --><!-- /.col.two --></DIV><!-- /.col.main --></DIV><!-- /div id = content --> <BR class=clear></DIV> <!-- /div id = livearea --> <DIV></DIV><!-- /.col.one --> <DIV></DIV><!-- /.col.main --> <DIV></DIV><!-- /#content --><BR class=clear> <DIV></DIV><!-- /#livearea --> <!-- Footer--> <DIV id=footer> <DIV class=container> <P class=copyright>Copyright &copy; 2012-2021 Laws9.Com All rights reserved. </P><!-- /.copyright --> <P class=footerlinks><A href="/contactus.html">Contact Us</A> | <A href="/aboutus.html">About Us</A> | <A href="/terms.html">Terms</A> | <A href="/privacy.html">Privacy</A></P><!-- /.footerlinks --> </DIV><!-- /.container --> </DIV><!-- /footer --> </BODY></HTML>