37-12.1 State Defense Force

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CHAPTER 37-12.1STATE DEFENSE FORCE37-12.1-01. Plans for a state defense force. The governor shall develop and maintainplans for the establishment of a state defense force.37-12.1-02.Establishment of a state defense force.The governor may, byproclamation, establish a state defense force in the event that more than one-half of the units of<br>the North Dakota national guard are called to active federal service and may in advance of such<br>call establish a cadre of such defense force.37-12.1-03. Governor to adopt rules governing a state defense force. If the governorestablishes a state defense force, the governor shall adopt rules governing, among other things,<br>the appointment of officers, enlistments, organization of units, equipment, administration,<br>training, pay, and discipline. The rules must, to the extent practicable, conform to the rules<br>governing the North Dakota national guard. The provisions of chapter 28-32 do not apply to the<br>rules required by this chapter.37-12.1-04.Maintenance of a state defense force.The governor may enteragreements with the United States for funds, equipment, supplies, training, and other items<br>necessary for the proper maintenance of a state defense force. The governor may also provide,<br>or arrange for, facilities necessary for a state defense force, including public buildings.37-12.1-05.Laws governing a state defense force.The provisions of this titlegoverning the North Dakota national guard apply to the extent practicable, to a state defense<br>force when established pursuant to this chapter.Page No. 1Document Outlinechapter 37-12.1 state defense force