Bill Of Exchange

a writing by a party (maker or drawer) ordering another (payor) to pay a certain amount to a third party (payee); it is the same as a draft; a bill of exchange drawn on a bank account is a "check"

Bill Of Lading

receipt obtained by the shipper of goods from the carrier (trucking company, railroad, ship or air freighter) for shipment to a particular buyer; it is a contract protecting the shipper by guaranteeing payment and satisfies the carrier that the recipient has proof of the right to the goods

Bill Of Particulars

written itemization of claims which a defendant in a lawsuit can demand of the plaintiff to find out what are the details of the claims

Bill Of Rights

the first ten amendments to the federal Constitution


written statement of the key terms of an agreement, in particular insurance policies, so that the insured as well as lenders can be assured there is valid and adequate insurance coverage.


the crime of threatening to reveal embarrassing, disgraceful or damaging facts (or rumors) about a person to the public, family, spouse or associates unless paid off to not carry out the threat

Blue Laws

state or local laws which prohibit certain activities particularly entertainment, sports, or drinking on Sunday, often see to honor the Christian Sabbath

Blue Ribbon Jury

jury selected from prominent, well-educated citizens, sometimes to investigate a particular problem such as civic corruption; use of blue ribbon juries in criminal cases violates the right to have a jury of one's peers

Blue Sky Laws

laws intended to protect the public from purchasing stock in fraudulent companies that lack substance, such as those selling swamp land, non-existent gold strikes and dry oil wells, or who have no assets besides a post office box

Boiler Room

a telephone bank operation in which fast-talking telemarketers or campaigners attempt to sell stock, services, goods, or candidates and act as if they are calling from an established company or brokerage; often the telemarketers are totally fraudulent and in violation of security laws