Lex Loci

Latin, the law of a place as in where a right was acquired or a liability incurred.

Lex Non Scripta

Latin, unwritten law; the common or custom law; as opposed to lex scripta.

Lex Scripta

Latin, written law; statutes.

Lex Situs

Latin, a conflict of law rule that selects the applicable law based on the location of something


Any legal obligation,either due now or at some time in the future.


Written form of defamation

Liberal Construction

A form of construction which allows a judge to consider other factors when deciding the meaning of a document or phrase.


A special permission given to do something on, or with, somebody's property.


A property right which remains attached to an object that has been sold, but not totally paid for, until complete payment has been made.

Life Estate

A right to use and enjoy land only for the life of the life tenant.