Lis Pendens

Latin, a dispute or matter which is the subject of ongoing or pending litigation.

Literal Construction

A form of construction which does not allow evidence extrapolated beyond the actual words of a phrase or document but, rather, takes the phrase or document at face value, giving effect only to the actual words used.


any party to a lawsuit.


A dispute is in 'litigation' when it has become the subject of a formal court action or law suit.


 Delivery. An archaic legal word from the feudal system referring to the actual legal transmission of possession of an object to another.

Living Will

A document that sets out guidelines for


to urge public officials to support specific measures; generally used as in to "lobby for a bill"


Latin, "place", it means "place which" this or that occurred.


To waste time; to linger or hang around in a public place or business where one has no particular or legal purpose.

Long Arm Statues

Each court is bound to a territorial jurisdiction and does not normally have jurisdiction over persons that reside outside of that jurisdiction.