A unique combination of a given and a surname, assigned to an individual, generally at birth, and used to distinguish that individual both socially and in regards to the assertion or defense of legal rights.


A distinct group or race of people that share history, traditions and culture

National Treatment

A tenet of international trade agreements whereby nations must afford imported goods the same treatment that they afford domestic or national products

Natural Justice

Basic or fundamental judicial rights extended to a person with rights at issue.

Naturalized Citizen

 an individual that was born an alien but has since legally become a citizen of the United States


A failure to act as a reasonable person would be expected to act in similar circumstances.


To communicate on a matter of disagreement between two parties, with a view to first listen to the other party's perspective and to then attempt to arrive at a resolution by consensus.

Nemo Debet Locupletari Ex Aliena Jactura

 Latin, no one should be enriched by another's loss.

Next Of Kin

The nearest blood relative of a deceased.

Non Compos Menti

Latin, Not of sound mind.

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