A religious or solemn affirmation to tell the truth or to take a certain action.

Obiter Dictum

Latin, an observation by a judge on a matter not specifically before the court.


Legal requirements established by law or contract.


The person who is to receive the benefit's of someone else's obligation.


A person who is contractually or legally, committed or obliged, to providing something to another person.


A publication which is illegal because it is morally corrupt.

Obstructing Justice

An act which tends to impede or thwart the administration of justice.


the act of holding or taking possession

Occupational Rent

A joint property compensatory claim based on an allegation that one tenant ought to be debited the value of their exclusive occupation of the family or jointly-held home.

Occupier's Liability

Liability of a person who controls land or buildings in regards to damages caused to others who enter thereon.

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