In civil law, a delict (wrong) caused by negligence.


Administrative tribunals or government officials who are subject tot he rules of natural justice.

Question Of Privilege

A term of parliamentary law and procedure which refers to an urgent motion made at a meeting which seeks an immediate ruling on an alleged violation of the rights or privileges of members as a whole, or in regards to a negative personal remark.

Qui Facit Per Alium Facit Per Se

Latin, he who acts through another, acts himself.

Qui Non Obstat Quod Obstare Potest, Facere Videtur

Latin, an individual who does not prevent something which he could have prevented, is taken to have done that thing.

Quicquid Plantatur Solo, Solo Cedit

Latin, whatever is planted in the ground, belongs in the ground.

Quid Pro Quo

Latin, something for something.

Quiet Enjoyment

A landlord's obligation to provide the tenant with reasonable privacy and freedom from any interference with the tenant's exclusive use and enjoyment of the rented premises.

Quistclose Trust

A trust which arises to the benefit of the donor when property is advanced for a specific purpose and that purpose fails.


A document in which a person who has an alleged interest in real property transfers this interest to another.

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