Statement Of Claim

The document which sets out the plaintiff's allegations of fact and thus, engages the judicial process by seeking trial.

Statement Of Defense

A defendant's written answer or reply to a statement of claim, admitting or denying each and every one of the facts contained in the statement of claim and alleging such facts as the defendant wishes to assert at trial in opposition to the plaintiff's case.

Statute Of Frauds

A statute that set a minimum standard for enforceable contracts, usually requiring at a minimum something in writing or the actual exchange of reciprocal obligations, at least in part.

Statute Of Uses

A 1535 English law that prevented, for a time, the legal structure of a use.


The written laws approved by legislatures, parliaments or elected or appointed houses of assembly. Also known as legislation.

Statutory Rape

A statutory rape which allows for conviction regardless of the consent, such as with a minor.


1) To stop; suspend; also known as a stay of proceedings 2) when a law suit is suspended either indefinitely or until the occurrence of a condition imposed by the court.

Stay Of Execution

an order that temporarily holds the execution of a court judgment; either administered for a set time period or until further consideration by the court


The taking of something from another without any legal right to do so.


Latin, the offspring of a person