Form DA 5500 Body Fat Content Worksheet

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Form Name: a5500.pdf

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Form Instructions:

A DA Form 5500 is a United States Army form used to record the body fat of a male military member.  The form is used for evaluating soldiers who are enrolled in the Army Weight Control Program and is filed to detail their body fat through their progression in the program. 

The DA Form 5500 is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the Army chain of command.  

The first lines require only the name and rank of the soldier for whom the form is for. 

1. Additionally, you must include the current height, weight, and age of the military member. 

Next, the military member must be tested for body fat, using the fat content guidelines. 

2. The guidelines can be found in Army Regulation 600-9. 

3. The Army member must be measured around the abdomen at the level of the naval and then measured at the neck around the larynx.  

4. These measurements must be made 3 times with the average measurement recorded in the final box. 

The final averages of the two measurements types must be recorded in boxes 3 and 4.  

5. The circumference value of boxes 3 and 4 must be entered in box 5. 

6. The height of the Army member is to be written in inches on box 6.  

Using the chart supplied with the form, compare the circumference value and height on the grid that corresponds to the body fat percentage.  

7. Record the body fat percentage in box 7.

Any additional remarks can be written in the box below the recorded values. 

8. In the next corresponding box, the testing individual should check whether the Army member is in compliance with Army body fat standards or not in compliance with such standards.  

Finally, the preparer of the DA Form 5500 must provide their name, rank, and date while a supervisor likewise approves the Form 5500.  

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