Form VA 22-1990 Application for VA Education Benefits

Category: Military
Format: PDF
Form Name: vba-22-1990-are.pdf

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Form Instructions:

A VA Form 22-1990 is the Department of Veteran Affairs form for applying for education benefits.  This form is used for applying for the various GI Bill educational funds, reserve educational assistance program, and post-Vietnam era educational assistance program provided to military veterans.  

The VA Form 22-1990 is available on the Department of Veteran Affairs website or can be supplied by the Veteran Affairs office near you.  

Part I requires the basic veteran identification information who is applying for the education benefits. 

1. You must your name, social security number, address, phone number, and direct deposit information for your educational funds.  

2. You must also provide the name and contact information for someone who will know where to contact you.  

Part II asks you to identify the education benefits for which you are applying. 

3. If you are unsure of which benefits you may be eligible, the VA Form 22-1990 also comes with instructions which provide basic information on the different types of education benefits and the qualifying criteria.  

Part III requires that you identify the education type you plan on using the educational funds for. 

4. Your selection in this section must match with the type of funds you are applying for in Section II.  If you are unsure of which funds to apply for, check with the instructions or contact the Veteran Affairs office for assistance.

Part IV requires that you provide a history of your military service and all specific details pertaining to your service. 

5. You must provide the dates you were active, the service area, your current status, and your active duty history.  

Part V requires that you provide all of your education and non-military employment.

6. Supply as much detail about your education and employment history.  If you need more space, you can attach additional information with your VA Form 22-1990. 

In Part VI, you must provide any additional entitlements you are receiving from your military service.  

7. This can include multiple sources of entitlements, such as scholarships, kickers, or other forms of financial aid.  Check with your school to ensure that you include all amounts that are required in this section.

Part VIII requires you identify your marital status and whether you are responsible for any dependents.  

Once your VA Form 22-1990 is completed, you must submit it to your regional Veterans Affairs office, which are listed on the instructions.  

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