A legal right to access or use another's land or waterway

Ecclesiastical Law

Synonymous to canon law

Eggshell Skull Doctrine

A tort-feasor or a wrongdoer takes his victim as he finds him

Eighth Amendment

US constitutional amendment that prohibits excessive bail or fines and cruel and unusual punishment


The act of freeing a person who was under the legal authority of another from that control


port, city or territory and may be enforced by military threat of destroying any vehicle that attempts to break it or by trade penalties


The illegal transfer of money or property that, although possessed legally by the embezzler, is diverted to the embezzler personally by his or her fraudulent action


Improper influence on a juror

Eminent Domain

In the United States, the legal power to expropriate private land for the sake of public necessity


A legal word which refers to all wages, benefits or other benefit received as compensation for holding some office or employment