A shortly-worded court order.


A legal duty of loyalty and faithfulness towards another.

Fieri Facias

A write of fieri facias commands a sheriff to take and sell enough property from the person who lost the lawsuit in order to pay the amount owed by the judgment.

Fifth Amendment

An article of the U.S. Constitution which provides fundamental rights in regards to due process. For example, when a suspect is read his Miranda Rights he is told he has to right to remain silent, this would be pleading the fifth.


Also spelled fikh, it is the law of Islam.

First Amendment

The amendment to the U.S. Constitution which sets out freedom of speech, right to petition, free practice of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the press; continues to be the subject of court cases on both the State and Federal level 


1)  generally indicates a level of real or perceived violence; to break-through; to impose 2)strength; power

Force Majuere

French for an act of God; an inevitable, unpredictable act of nature.


To eliminate a right of redemption on mortgaged real property.


The seizure of private property because it was illegally obtained, is an illegal substance, or the legal basis for possession has ended.