An abbreviation for juris doctor or doctor of jurisprudence and the formal name given to the university law degree in the United States.


A false boast or claim that does harm or injury to another.


1) to incarcerate or imprison 2)  a type of prison, usually indicates holding on a temporary basis; either awaiting arraignment, other findings, or detention for a short determinate period of time


A tenet of islamic law to adherents, with the reward of eternal life in Paradise, if they promote and exhort the word of Muhammed and the Koran to others, often including the use of violence.

Joint And Several Liability

liability of more than one person for which each person is required to pay back the entire amount of a debt or damages.

Joint Custody

 A Court decision that both parents share joint legal custody and joint physical custody

Joint Tenancy

When two or more people are equal owners of a property


 A form of judge in early Roman law.


official decision given by a court that rules in favor or against the case hand

Judicial Branch

A branch of government; judges

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