Lay Day

A term of maritime law contract: days stipulated for the loading or unloading of cargo from a ship.

Lay On The Table

Also "to table";a term of parliamentary law and procedure which refers to a motion in regards to another motion being actively debated, but intended to defer a final disposition of the pending motion.

Leading Question

A question which suggests an answer; usually answerable by yes or no.


A special kind of contract between a property owner and a person wanting temporary enjoyment and exclusive use of the property, in exchange for rent paid.


Real property held under a lease.


A gift of a chattel by will.

Legal Aid

No-cost legal services to economically disfavored litigants.

Legal Custody

A child custody decision which entails the right to make, or participate in, the significant decisions affecting a child's health and welfare.

Legal Fiction

A ruling on law based on hypothetical facts.


Language containing an excessive amount of legal terminology or of legal jargon.