The rigorous and ruthless adherence to the word of the law.


Written and approved laws.

Legislative Branch

The elected law-making branch of government.

Lemon Laws

state laws the ensure a certain degree of quality to consumers when purchasing a car; generally, if repairs can not be made within a specific time constraint, the consumer is to be refunded or compensated for original purchase price 


individual or business that grants loans to others


The person to whom is granted exclusive possession of a thing under the terms of a lease.


The person who grants a lease, usually the owner of the thing leased.

Letters Rogatory

A request of a judge in one jurisdiction to a court of another, to examine a specific witness.

Lex Causae

Latin, law of the cause. The law which has precedence, where there is a conflict of laws, to dispose of an action.

Lex Fori

The law applicable to particular legal proceedings; Latin, for the law of the forum.