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Case name Citation Summary
[Vermont] Statev. Wyrocki (2010-326)(26-Jan-2012) 2012/01/26 Docket No: none
[Vermont] State v. Abdi (2010-255)(26-Jan-2012) 2012/01/26 Docket No: none
[Vermont] Bain v. Clark and Shriver(2009-468) 2012/03/02 Docket No: none
[Vermont] Molleur v. Molleur(2011-042) 2012/03/09 Docket No: none
[Vermont] Doe v. Vermont Office ofHealth Access (2011-045) 2012/03/09 Docket No: none
[Vermont] Parker v. Parker(2011-080) 2012/03/15 Docket No: none
[Vermont] Wells Fargo Bank Minnesotaas Trustee for the Registered Holders of Credit Suisse First BostonMortgage Securities Corp. Commercial Mortgage Pass-ThroughCertifications, Series 2011 CRF2 v. Rouleau (2011 2012/03/23 Docket No: none
[Vermont] In re Town Highway No. 20Town of Georgia (Petition of Rhodes), Rhodes v. Town of Georgia(2010-100) 2012/03/23 Docket No: none
[Vermont] State v. Handy(2010-399) 2012/03/23 Docket No: none
[Vermont] Rathe Salvage, Inc. v. R.Brown & Sons, Inc., and Brown(2010-356) 2012/03/23 Docket No: none
[Vermont] In re D.K., Juvenile(2011-076) 2012/03/23 Docket No: none
[Vermont] Rutland Herald v. Vermont State Police and Office of the Attorney General(2010-434) 2012/03/30 Court: United States Court of Appeals
Docket No: none
[Vermont] Co-operative Insurance Companies v. Denise Woodward, James Bennett, Individually, and as Administrator for the Estate of Brooke Bennett (2011-158) 2012/03/30 Docket No: none