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Case name Citation Summary
Paul v. Virginia 1869 Privileges & Immunities Clause does not apply to corporations, Commerce Clause does not apply to insurance policies
Ex parte Yerger 1869 habeas corpus case that became moot when Yerger was released before the court ruling; therefore not actually heard by the Supreme Court
Texas v. White 1869 constitutionality of state secession
Ex parte McCardle 1868 congressional power to limit Supreme Court’s appellate jurisdiction
United States v. Kirby 1868 construction of criminal statutes
Georgia v. Stanton 1867 power of the Court to rule on constitutionality of Reconstruction Acts; parameters of the Court's jurisdiction
Crandall v. Nevada 1868 Right to travel bars taxation of parties leaving a state
Pervear v. Massachusetts 1866 upholding harsh penalty for violation of state liquor laws, and declining to apply Eighth Amendment to the states
Mississippi v. Johnson 1867 power of the Supreme Court to constitutionally issue an injunction directed at the President
Ex parte Garland 1866 retroactive civil disability for former Confederate officers
Ex parte Milligan 1866 habeas corpus, military tribunals
Prize Cases 1863 presidential powers in wartime