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1. Administrative Law
Administrative Law What is Administrative Law?Within the realm of administrative law, legality, acts, ordinances, and legislation is investigated with regard to any and all interaction(s) in which the Federal Government of the United States engages with its citizens; this type of law also includes the administration of government programs, the creation of agencies, and the establishment of a lega..
2. Code of Federal Regulations
Code of Federal Regulations What is the Code of Federal Regulations?The Code of Federal Regulations is the official codification of the general and permanent rules and regulations—referred to in a broad sense as administrative law—published in the Federal Register. The Code of Federal Regulations is affirmed in this daily publication by the various executive departments and agencies of the United Stat..
3. Public Law 94-142
Public Law 94-142 Public Law Defined:Public law is a branch of law that governs the relationships between individual citizens, as well as various entities and the state (i.e. governing bodies) where they reside. In essence, public law is the framework that exists between citizens of a state and their respective governing body. Public law establishes rules and regulations that affect how citizens..
4. Quick Overview of Adjudication Withheld
Quick Overview of Adjudication Withheld What does Adjudication Withheld Mean?Adjudication withheld typically refers to a decision by a judge to put an individual on probation, as a  to incarceration or other forms of criminal punishment. As a result, adjudication withheld generates a legally binding ruling of not guilty by the court system.If the person receiving the adjudication withheld ruling adheres to the s..
5. Quick Overview of Executive Agencies
Quick Overview of Executive Agencies What are Executive Agencies?Also referred to as next-step departments, executive agencies are a part of a government department (in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland) that is treated as budgetarily, as well as managerially, independent. This relationship and self-funding status is established in order to perform some part of the executive functions of the United Kingdom g..
6. Quick Overview of the Federal Register
Quick Overview of the Federal Register What is the Federal Register?The Federal Register is the official journal or publication of the United States federal government. The Federal Register contains the majority of routine publications and public notices of various government agencies and is compiled by the Office of the Federal Register. The publication, which is circulated daily, is printed by the Government Print..
7. Understanding International Trade
Understanding International Trade What is International Trade?• International Trade refers to the global exchange of capital goods and services. The concept of international trade, in essence, is at the foundation of macroeconomics; it is the bartering and trade relationship that exists across international border or territories. The concept is so massive and critical that it represents, in the majority of co..