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1. 187
187   187 (slang) is a common term used to reference murder because Section 187 of the California Penal Code clearly defines murder.  The term is occasionally used to reference California Proposition 187 as well.  California Proposition 187 was passed by voters on November 8, 1994 in favor of a screening system for state citizenship and denied health care,..
2. 1960 Presidential Election
The 1960 election included Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy as candidates. The 1960 presidential election would end up being one of the closest in United States history. In fact, John F. Kennedy won by less than .1 percent of the popular vote, with a lead of only 94 electoral votes.The 1960 election was full of controversy. It has been alleged that some votes were bought for K..
3. 2010 Health Care Reform Bill
2010 Health Care Reform Bill 2010 Health Care Reform Bill: SummarySince the enactment of Medicare in 1965, health care reform has become critical issue in American politics. Most other health care reform bills and initiatives of the past were turned down, such as President Roosevelt’s efforts for universal health care as well as many initiatives taken by the Clinton Administration. Unlike previous e..
4. Advanced Poll
An advanced poll, also known as early voting, refers to the process by which people can place their votes prior to the date of actual election. An advanced poll can be done through various methods, though the overall purpose for an advanced poll is to allow people for another option when it comes to voting.It is believed that an advanced poll can actually increase the participa..
5. Alabama Disability Benefits
A brief guide to Alabama disability benefitsPeople who have been disabled from birth or who have been involved in an incident that causes permanent injuries have many different options when seeking financial aid. Alabama disability programs may be administered either by the state or federally.For most people below retirement age, they will be seeking assistance through the stat..
6. Alabama Unemployment Benefits
A brief guide to Alabama unemployment benefitsIf you lose your job, you may be entitled to financial assistance from the state. An Alabama unemployment benefit payment is generally administered through a direct deposit or to a specific debit card. However, you must take active steps to receive this financial aid. You cannot receive Alabama unemployment benefits unless you have ..
7. Alaska Disability Benefits
Frequently Asked Questions about Alaska Disability BenefitsWhat are Alaska disability benefits?The general idea behind Alaska disability benefits is to compensate individuals who are injured and are unable afterward to earn a normal living for themselves. There are many different sources of Alaska disability benefits, so you should carefully research what you might earn, if any..
8. All You Need to Know About Individual Service Exams
All You Need to Know About Individual Service Exams Individual Service Exams BackgroundCivil service exams will prove to be different in various ways, mostly depending on the nature of the job or position one is applying for. However, almost all civil service exams will consist of a multiple choice written exam, covering general knowledge topics and basic academics. NYS Civil ServiceThe New York State Civil Service Commissi..
9. All You Need to Know About The Senate
All You Need to Know About The Senate Senate Background The U.S. Senate is a legislative body that comprises one portion of the United States Congress. There are 100 Senate seats within the Senate, which are filled by two elected Senators from each State within the United States. The Senate has many responsibilities and obligations to fulfill, and therefore, a number of Committees have been created within th..
10. American Freedom Agenda
American Freedom Agenda   What is the American Freedom Agenda?   The American Freedom Agenda was originally a movement by members of Congress, activists, and the public that believed checks and balances in the Constitution could be restored to allow for better policies in the United States and its policies abroad.  The Agenda aimed to end a large amount of Bush po..
11. American Jewish Committee
American Jewish Committee   American Jewish Committee Founded in 1906, the American Jewish Committee is an organization devoted to the interests of Jews on a global basis. In legal circles, the American Jewish Committee is generally most associated with its involvement in the 1927 federal court case of Sapiro v. Ford.   The case had its origins in auto manufacturer Henr..
12. American Power Act Text
SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE; TABLE OF CONTENTS.(a) Short Title- This Act may be cited as the ‘Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act’.(b) Table of Contents- The table of contents of this Act is as follows:Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.Sec. 2. Findings.Sec. 3. Economywide emission reduction goals.Sec. 4. Definitions.DIVISION A--AUTHORIZATIONS FOR POLLUTION REDUCTI..
13. Animal Sacrifice
Animal Sacrifice   Animal Sacrifice in the United States   Animal sacrifice is constantly debated in the United States.  States have jurisdiction over animal cruelty and animal abuse laws, and the federal government very rarely becomes involved with animal cruelty cases.    The main religion in the United States that sacrifices animals is Sante..
14. Arizona Disability Benefits
Arizona Disability Benefits The Arizona Department of Economic Security is responsible for dealing with Arizona disability benefit matters and will provide links and information for securing benefits for those with a disability.  The Disability Determination Services will help you to facilitate filing for Social Security benefits from the federal government including helping to determi..
15. Arizona Legislature
Arizona Legislature The Arizona State Legislature is the legislative body of Arizona, which means that it holds responsibility towards passing bills and laws within Arizona. The Arizona Legislature is a bicameral institution, which means that it consists of an upper house and a lower house. The upper house of the Arizona State Legislature is the Senate, while the lower house of the Arizona State L..