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1. A Brief Overview of Alternative Dispute Resolutions
A Brief Overview of Alternative Dispute Resolutions Alternative Dispute Resolutions methods are employed to keep disputes and disagreements between two parties to evaluate whether the matter can be resolved or negotiated outside of the court room. Therefore, any kind of legal dispute that can be litigated can be subject to alternative dispute resolutions. This may include, but is not limited to, labor relations, insurance m..
2. A Full Overview of Legal Personnel
A Full Overview of Legal Personnel There are many positions within the field of law that do not always require a law degree to perform. A law clerk is an assistant to a judge whose main responsibility is to research legal precedents to prepare a judge for court and write legal opinion. There are several different types of clerks such as, a court clerk, a judicial law clerk, or a clerk who may be employed in a la..
3. A Paralegal's Job: Basic Tasks
A Paralegal's Job: Basic Tasks The duties for which a paralegal can be called upon can be extremely extensive and varied, as the paralegals on a hole form a diverse marketplace.  Paralegals are also found in many different organizations: from regular law firms, to government offices, to corporate legal departments, to real estate agencies, to non-profit groups, and so on.    Almo..
4. A Quick Overview of Investigation in a Law Office
A Quick Overview of Investigation in a Law Office Nature & Context: The legal assistant, although forbidden from executing duties within the scope of the law, plays an essential role within the law office. Lawyers who are often too busy to perform information gathering tasks, tend to delegate such roles to paralegals or legal aids within the law office. The lawyer is focused on growing his/her business by intervi..
5. A Quick Overview on Laws Affecting Business
A Quick Overview on Laws Affecting Business Unless you, yourself, are fortunate enough to possess massive amounts of money, it is a given that you may require a loan of some type in order to start a business. It is nothing to be on edge about as it is a common occurrence. With that said, however, you must be aware of the specifications that will accompany your loan. A usual example would be that of college loans, which y..
6. A Quick Overview to Entrapment
A Quick Overview to Entrapment Entrapment occurs when a person is influenced by an officer of the lawcriminal In order for defense attorneys and their legal assistants to prepare a case that satisfies the elements of an entrapment defense, the defendant must be innocent of a predisposition to commit the crime in question. In order to avoid an entrapment defense, law enforcement officials must caref..
7. Alternative Dispute Resolution Arbitration
Alternative Dispute Resolution Arbitration An alternative dispute resolution allows for opposing parties in a particular disagreement to reach an agreement without having to endure litigation or court proceedings. Arbitration is one of the forms of alternative dispute resolution that may often be employed to resolve a matter outside of the courts. Arbitration is a method that introduces a third party that hears each par..
8. An Overview to Contract Law Assistance
An Overview to Contract Law Assistance Uniformed Commercial Code The uniformed commercial code (UCC) is part of a series of guidelines implemented under Contract Laws. Contract laws were created to insure the conditions of agreements between parties within a contract are upheld. Each state participates with the conditions of the UCC code in some form. The rise of businesses and the transactions within establish..
9. Analyzing the Facts Through Legal Analysis
Analyzing the Facts Through Legal Analysis At the fundamental level of legal analysis is the importance of facts as they pertain to a legal argument. Facts represent the groundwork that form the concrete basis by which any legal action can be undertaken. A fact, in its simplest form, is anything that has information relevant to its existence.       Evidence represents any material that can..
10. Certification
Certification Certification in the paralegal profession usually refers to any means by which a paralegal or legal assistant has sought to establish, through the oversight of a professional organization, that they have acquired and can exhibit the skills needed to perform the duties associated with the job of, examination, or both.By this same point, certification sh..
11. Different Legal Alternative Assistance
Different Legal Alternative Assistance ArbitrationThe arbitration method of alternative dispute resolutions has its roots as early as Ancient Greece and Rome. However, its modern application as it exists dates back to English law, with the Arbitration Act of 1697. The practice of arbitration to help settle dispute between opposing parties has been implemented throughout time, and has proven to a viable method t..
12. Easiest Way to Analyze the Statute
Following the acquirement of a statute relevant to the case in which you are assisting with as a paralegal, you must figure out exactly how that statute relates to or affects the aforementioned case of your firm's client. You must analyze the statute by first breaking it down, and then, composing the various arguments that may arise from it, both by conventional terms and ..
13. Have the Right Authority in Research & Writing
Have the Right Authority in Research & Writing Authority in legal research and writing is a description of the need for legal arguments to reference key sources that will support their writing.        Authority is driven from two categories of resource, primary and secondary.  Usually called statutes in legal terminology, the laws referenced as primary research come from the text of ..
14. How do Paralegals Handle Federal Law?
Paralegals work in fields of Federal law when their client's bring them work involving constitutional issues, federal statutes or federal regulations. When a client's request involves these issues, it is said to involve or raise a federal question. These actions normally concern the  reach or scope of the federal governments involvement in a client's affairs, as paral..
15. International Arbitration
International Arbitration IntroductionInternational arbitration is the process where international commercial disputes are resolved without the aid of legal jurisdictions, as these disputes tend to transcend national boundaries and local legal codes.  While the dispute can be brought to litigation in one country, the court may not be able to establish jurisdiction over the party.  In circumsta..

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