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1. 3 Types of Product Liability Cases
3 Types of Product Liability Cases What is Product Liability?Product liability is a specific area of law within consumer law that governs and regulates the distribution of consumer products. Product liability places responsibility on the manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, distributors, and all other entities that make products available to the general consumer.The issue of responsibility is tied into the use o..
2. All You Need to Know About Warranties
All You Need to Know About Warranties What is a Warranty?In business and various legal negotiations, a warranty is a type of assurance offered by one party another. The warranty, in this agreement, will include certain facts or conditions revolving around a product or service purchased. When the facts or conditions are delivered in a warranty, they act as a guarantee and enforce a legal obligation for the provider...
3. Bait And Switch Advertising
Bait And Switch Advertising Bait and switch advertising is a violation of consumer laws. It is a type of fraudulent business practice where one party, such as a manufacturer or business, will offer the "bait". This could be a product that is advertised at a very low cost and is designed to lure in a customer. Once the customer is attracted, the manufacturer will pull the "switch". The proposed product wil..
4. Car Warranty Overview
Car Warranty Overview What is a Car Warranty?A car warranty is a document that is delivered by the seller to the purchaser of a car at the time of sale; the car warranty is an assurance or type of guarantee that will provide the purchaser a form of repayment or replacement if the vehicle purchased does not perform as expected or fails to properly function.A car warranty is offered in the form of a c..
5. Consumer Credit Quick Overview
Consumer Credit Quick Overview Consumer credit is a type of financial system in which an individual borrows money from a lender in order to pay for goods or services. Typically consumer credit is not solely grouped in with that of homeowner credit and other larger scale lender or creditor purchases. Instead, it applies to both larger and smaller scale purchases.Consumer credit is often for personal use. This..
6. Credit Protection Overview
Credit Protection Overview The Truth-In-Lending ActThe Truth in Lending Act (TILA) protects consumer rights by ensuring that consumers are aware of the terms and conditions of creditors when borrowing money and making credit card purchases. TILA mandates that creditors are absolutely clear in their terms and make a copy of the pertinent information for the consumer to keep. Terms must be easily understoo..
7. Deceptive Advertising Overview
Deceptive Advertising Overview Deceptive Advertising DefinitionDeceptive advertising refers to the use of confusing or untrue statements by advertisers in an attempt to mislead the consumer. It is also known as false advertising. Advertising and consumer law function to protect the consumer and promote truth in advertising.Truth in labeling is a concept in advertising and consumer law that mandates that all ..
8. Door to Door Sales
Door to Door Sales Door to door sales is a type of marketing technique that employs direct selling. Direct sales is a tactic by manufacturers and businesses where they will have direct meetings with consumers at their homes or places of business. A sales pitch will be presented and the seller will attempt to make a deal with the customer.The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA)..
9. Easy Overview of the Food Standards Agency
Easy Overview of the Food Standards Agency What is the Food Standards Agency?The Food Standards Agency is a department of government of the United Kingdom, responsible for protecting public health through the administration of various provisions. It is aimed at ensuring the delivery and consumption of suitable and edible foods.  Organization of the Food Standards AgencyThe Food Standards Agency is a classified as a..
10. Fair Credit Billing Act Text
THE FAIR CREDIT BILLING ACT Public Law 93-495 93rd Congress - H.R. 11221 Fair Credit Billing Act. 15 USC 1601     TITLE III - FAIR CREDIT BILLING § 301. Short Title This title may be cited as the “Fair Credit Billing Act”. § 302. Declaration of purpose The last sentence of section 102 of the Truth in Lending Act (15 U.S.C. 1601) i..
11. Federal Statutes
Federal Statutes There are several Federal rules and regulations that govern how a product is packaged and labeled. This is all to ensure that the consumer will not be harmed by a specific product and to guarantee that consumers are purchasing the correct product. These Federal rules are based on the idea that a fully informed consumer is the best type of customer in a free market economy. Legi..
12. Quick Overview to Consumer Fraud
Quick Overview to Consumer Fraud Consumer fraud is a type of deceit directed toward consumers by a business entity in an attempt to unlawfully obtain additional financial funds. Consumer fraud can occur in many different ways and involve any portion of a business transaction. For instance, if a company falsely advertises or markets a product, it is guilty of consumer fraud. In addition, if a business entity, s..
13. Sales Overview
Sales Overview Door to Door Sales:Door to door sales is a type of direct sales technique where a salesperson will try and establish a direct relationship with a consumer in order to sell a specific product. Sometimes door to door sales will be done at random where a salesperson will approach a person's home or place of business without warning. Other times, a phone call will first be made by ..
14. Simple Overview on Shopping Laws
Simple Overview on Shopping Laws Shipping laws for minors will vary based on state law and will fluctuate based on the item that is sold in the store. Typically, a minor can walk into any retail store or commercial outlet that sells everyday goods. That being said, shopping laws of various jurisdictions or states will outlaw a minor from entering a store that carries expensive, dangerous, or pornographic items..
15. Tequin
Tequin What is Tequin?Tequin, or its generic name Gatifloxacin, is an antibiotic developed developed by Kyorin Pharmaceutical Company in Japan and licensed in the United States by Bristol-Myers Squibb that inhibits bacterial enzymes for the treatment of respiratory tract infections.In 2006 Bristol-Myers Squibb stopped manufacture of Tequin after the FDA issued a "black box" warning re..