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1. An Overview of International Law
International law is comprised of a collection of regulations, laws, and policies, which operate to regulate the actions and behaviors of countries throughout the world. International law governs nations in regard to international relationships and domestic concerns. For instance, international law has established accepted standards through which different countries intera..
2. Public International Law
Public International Law Public international law deals with the structure and conduct of states and intergovernmental organizations. Public international law may also affect multinational corporations and individuals. Public international law has increased in use and importance tremendously during the 20th century due to increase in global trade, armed conflict, environ..
3. The Full Guide to International Law
What is International Law?International law is the field of law which governs the conduct of independent nations and their relationships with various countries. International law is held separate from the majority of legal systems, because the scope of law is primarily concerned with provinces rather than individual citizens. International law is the body of legal regulati..
4. What you should know about War Crimes:
What you should know about War Crimes: What are War Crimes?War crimes are human rights violations that place during the time of war; war crimes are grave violations of laws applied to armed conflicts. War crimes, which give rise to criminal responsibility, are affirmed in international humanitarian law. Examples of war crimes include the following: the ill-treatment or deportation of civilian residents, the ill-trea..