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1. 5 Things To Know When Caught Driving Drunk
5 Things To Know When Caught Driving Drunk DUI Advice should be obtained only from a legal professional such as an attorney.Admissible Evidence in Subsequent Court Proceedings U.S. courts will admit four different kinds of evidence into a court proceeding considering a DUI offense.  For one, information on the intoxication level of the driver under suspicion can be gathered by the administering officer observi..
2. 5 Things You Need to Know When Facing DUI Charges
5 Things You Need to Know When Facing DUI Charges Why DUI Charges May be BroughtDUI charges are typically based on the finding that people had, while operating motor vehicles, blood alcohol content of 0.08%. The basic justification for a DUI charge, beyond statutory violation, consists of the potential threat to other people’s safety by unsafe driving practices, including to other users of the same section of roadway, pedest..
3. 5 Types of DUI Defense
5 Types of DUI Defense What is a DUI Defense?Driving under the Influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or a controlled substance (DUI) is a criminal offense that is classified upon an individual’s arrest for operating a motor vehicle subsequent to the consumption of any or all of the aforementioned items, or operating a motor vehicle while in an intoxicated state resulting from prior consumption. The ..
4. A Full Guide to the DMV
A Full Guide to the DMV A Department of Motor Vehicles, more commonly called the DMV is a government agency on the state level found in every state of the United States This agency administers driver licensing and vehicle registration for individuals. The term DMV is used in most but not all states. Furthermore, every state does not necessarily assign the same traditional functions to their respective..
5. A Guide to a DUI Conviction
A Guide to a DUI Conviction Definition of DUI ConvictionWhen a person is convicted for DUI violations, it means that the accused person is found guilty of violating applicable DUI laws. In the United States, every state and the District of Columbia has laws in place that makes it illegal for any person to operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance. DUI ..
6. Alabama Traffic Fines
Guide to Alabama Traffic FinesWhen you are found guilty for a civil infraction or misdemeanor traffic charge, you will be given traffic fines.  Alabama traffic fines vary widely by which level of government (state, county, or municipal) is issuing the fine, and can be quite different even in adjacent municipalities.  When you are charged with a traffic offense in Alab..
7. Alaska Traffic Fines
Guide to Alaska Traffic FinesIf you violate the rules of the road in Alaska, you may be responsible for paying fines.  Often, Alaska traffic fines are the only penalty you will be given for a traffic offense.  If you are wondering what typical Alaska fines for some driving offenses are, this guide can help.  Keep in mind that most state minimums apply for first-t..
8. All You Need To Know About DUI Fines
All You Need To Know About DUI Fines What are DUI Fines?DUI fines – in addition to DUI convictions – will typically be assessed contingent upon both the severity of the DUI offense in question, as well as the analysis of past DUI charges existing within an individual’s criminal history. While first time offenders may be subject to DUI consequences lacking in severity of those DUI consequences incurred by rep..
9. Arizona Traffic Fines
Guide to Arizona Traffic FinesIf you are charged with violating traffic laws in Arizona, you will face penalties including Arizona traffic fines.  These fines can vary significantly depending on the jurisdiction the ticket was issued in, the number of previous traffic offenses you have been convicted of, and whether you endangered other drivers or caused an accident while ..
10. Associated Penalties Overview
Associated Penalties Overview Insurance SurchargesInsurance surcharges pertain to a specified amount of money that is added to the costs and penalties of a fine, in this case, related to DUI offenses. These surcharges will be paid annually on a three year basis, and the amount of them can range from $1,000 to $2,000. They vary in relation to the gravity of the offense, and in some cases the amount of B..
11. Being Involved In a Drunk Driving Accident
Being Involved In a Drunk Driving Accident People who are involved in a drunk driving accident may accordingly face either the option or necessity of becoming involved with the court system as a result and response. This consideration can be most simply gleaned according to whether the person in question was involved in the drunk driving accident as a driver or as a passenger or pedestrian. Moreover, legal responsibilit..
12. Breathalyzer Overview
Breathalyzer Overview OriginsThe origins of alcohol testing date back over one hundred years, and the creation of the first “breathalyzer” machine in the last century. Breathalyzer is simply a brand name for the device, but has been adopted as the general name for a breath content analyzer device in the last years. A breathalyzer is used to measure the blood alcohol content of a human’s b..
13. California DUI Laws
California DUI Laws   Quick Guide to California DUI Laws      California DUI Laws     California DUI laws carry strict penalties and fines, and anyone suspected of a DUI should contact a lawyer immediately.  California DUI law has changed in 2012, and penalties are even stricter in order to try and stop repeat offenders.   &nb..
14. California Traffic Fines
Getting pulled over and ticketed can ruin your day.  What's worse, California traffic fines can vary significantly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so it can be difficult to know how much you will be ticketed for, even for a simple offense like speeding.  If you've ever been curious about how much traffic fines usually cost in California, this guide can help.  ..
15. Colorado Traffic Fines
Guide to Colorado Traffic FinesNo one wants to see flashing red lights pulling them over—and the ticket afterward is even worse.  If you drive on Colorado's roads, you may want to know what Colorado traffic fines you might be subject to for breaking some common rules of the road.  This guide can help you to understand the usual ranges of Colorado traffic fines and l..