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1. A Guide to Self-Employment
A Guide to Self-Employment What is Self Employment?Self employment refers to working for one’s self; a self-employed person works for him or herself instead of an employer. A self-employed individual’s income is attained through trade or business that the person operates personally. The business of a self-employed person is personalized; the business is the individual’s primary source of income.The..
2. Alabama Employee Rights
A brief guide to Alabama employee rightsIf you are a worker in the state of Alabama, there are many legal protections designed to ensure that you are not taken advantage of. While every job is different, some standard Alabama employee rights apply.Financially, you have the right to be paid the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. This Alabama employee right does come with cer..
3. Alabama Labor Laws Breaks
A brief guide to Alabama labor laws on breaksThe state of Alabama follows the provisions of the Federal Labor Standards Act. Under the guidelines of these laws, no employer is legally obligated to provide workers age 16 or older with a break for meals. However, there are several notable exceptions concerning Alabama labor laws on breaks:• Anyone who is a mother is entitled to..
4. Alabama Overtime Laws
A brief guide to Alabama overtime lawRather than establishing its own guidelines for employees, the state of Alabama follows the provisions detailed in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Thus, Alabama overtime laws require any employee who works in excess of 40 hours a week in return for an hourly salary to be paid time and a half for every such hour's labor. There are no gu..
5. Alabama Workers Compensation
A brief guide to Alabama workers compensation lawAll employers are legally required to maintain insurance in case their employees are injured. If your employer fails to do so, they are in violation of Alabama workers compensation laws. In the event that you are unable to receive the compensation to which you are entitled, you may be decide to go to civil litigation.You must rep..
6. Alaska Employee Rights
Frequently Asked Questions about Alaska Employee RightsWhat is the minimum wage in Alaska?As of 2012, the minimum wage in Alaska was $7.75. However, being paid less than that is not necessarily a violation of Alaska employee rights. Many employers don’t have to pay certain workers that wage, so that fishermen, agricultural workers, independent taxi drivers, camp counselors, d..
7. Alaska Labor Laws Breaks
Frequently Asked Questions about Alaska Labor Laws for BreaksWhat are the Alaska labor laws for breaks?There are a few Alaska labor laws for breaks, but on the whole they are perhaps less stringent than you might expect. The strongest one, and the only part of Alaska labor laws for breaks that actually guarantees breaks, only affects minors aged 14 to 17. These minors are requi..
8. Alaska Workers Compensation
Frequently Asked Questions about Alaska Workers’ CompensationWhat is Alaska Worker’s Compensation?Alaska Worker’s Compensation is a program which your employer pays for to provide you with lost wages and medical costs in case you are injured on the job. Alaska Worker’s Compensation will also give befits to the dependents or descendants of an individual after a death cau..
9. Apply For Unemployment
Apply For Unemployment What is Unemployment?Unemployment, as defined by the federal government, occurs when an individual or a group of individuals is without a job. To be considered ‘unemployed’ the individual must actively seek employment. As a result of this definition, the unemployment rate is a measure of the prevalence of unemployed people in a given area. The unemployment rate is calculate..
10. Arizona Employee Rights
There are a number of federal protections for employees across the country, though the state government is tasked with some obligations related to the enforcement and application of Arizona employee rights.  AZ employee rights consist of a set of rights that protect the wages of employees as well as protect them from discrimination.Termination laws and AZ employee rightsAZ..
11. Arizona Labor Laws Breaks
There are no laws, federal or otherwise that require lunch breaks, or any other kinds of breaks, to be given to employees.  The law recognizes two kinds of breaks, lunch breaks and break periods.  While these breaks are not mandatory, Arizona labor laws breaks notes that the break periods last up to 20 minutes and must be paid, while lunch breaks are no less than 30 m..
12. Arizona Overtime Laws
There are no AZ overtime laws and rather, all overtime laws are based on the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, which sets the typical overtime rate and 1.5 the hourly wage for over forty hours worked in a week.  Complaints about overtime pay are made directly to the Department of Labor for investigation, though civil litigation is also an issue to contend with.  Are t..
13. Arizona Workers Compensation
AZ workers compensation insurance is mandatory under state law and the law further dictates that whenever a worker is injured on the job, regardless of fault, they will need to be compensated frothier injury, pursuant to the terms and conditions in the employee insurance plan.  These benefits can include, but are not limited to, permanent and temporary payments, medical ca..
14. Arkansas Employee Rights
Quick Guide to Arkansas Employee Rights Arkansas Employee RightsSome of the greatest public resources for Arkansas employee rights involving various employee rights in minimum wage, fair pay and equal pay, the hiring process, safety standards, are the state’s revised code and Department of Labor.  Both federal and state laws will be discussed within this article. &n..
15. Arkansas Overtime Laws
Quick Guide to Arkansas Overtime LawArkansas Overtime LawsArkansas overtime law is mainly located in §11-4 of the state’s revised code, and many of the laws fall under the Fair Labor Standards Act as well—even though Arkansas’s minimum wage is $6.25.  This article will discuss specific Arkansas overtime laws, exemptions under the FLSA, and information about filing a..