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1. 5 Types of Transcription
5 Types of Transcription What is a Transcription?Transcription within a court of law, which is known as ‘legal transcription’, is the process of transcribing verbal and oral expressions into textual and tangible form.Litigation TranscriptionLitigation is the legal process in which an event, matter, or circumstance is reviewed within a legal hearing. While litigation is not a required procedure with..
2. Becoming A Court Reporter
Becoming A Court Reporter What is a Court Reporter?A Court Reporter, also known as a ‘Stenographer’, is a licensed and certified professional responsible for the transcription of speech into text taking place within a court hearing or trial. Court reporter positions are classified as legal occupations requiring specific certifications from accredited institutions. The median court reporter sala..
3. Becoming A Registered Professional Reporter
Becoming A Registered Professional Reporter What is a Registered Professional Reporter?A Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) is a certification that is arguably the most common certification necessary in order to become a Court Reporter. Court reporters, also known as stenographers, are responsible for the transcription of the oral speech expressed within legal proceedings into tangible, readable, and textual form.The..