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1. All About The New Credit Card Laws
All About The New Credit Card Laws Why were new Credit Card Laws implemented?To ease the effects of the recession and more specifically the credit crunch, President Barack Obama has signed a plethora of new credit card laws that aim to ease the financial burdens experienced by American consumers. These new credit card laws are federal laws, meaning they must be adhered to by all issuing credit card companies, fi..
2. Credit Checks
Credit Checks How Credit Checks WorkWhen applying for credit, lenders can inquire for a copy of an individual’s credit report from one of the major credit bureaus. These inquiries or credit checks can be listed on a credit report. While these inquiries may cause a credit score to drop, it will not change drastically. Sometimes, looking for a new credit line can mean a higher risk, but most..
3. Credit Fixes
Credit Fixes Helpful Credit FixesIn order to do a credit fix, it is important to know how to avoid some scams and claims. Many companies will claim to be able to remove judgments, bankruptcies, bad loans, or liens from a credit file. Some companies may even claim to remove bad credit or make a new credit identity. According to the Federal trade Commissions, most of these are just scams..
4. Credit Reporting Agencies
Credit Reporting Agencies What are Credit Reporting Agencies?Credit reporting agencies are companies that collect information about a person’s ability to handle credit. They can then sell that information to certain other businesses that can use the information to evaluate applications for insurance, employment, credit, or other allowed purposes.These credit reporting agencies have sounds agreements w..
5. Easy Overview of the Credit Bureau
Easy Overview of the Credit Bureau What is a Credit Bureau? A credit bureau is a company or organization that collects information from various sources to offer consumer credit information on individual consumers. A credit bureau is an organization that provides information on an individual’s bill paying and borrowing habits. The information gathered by a credit bureau is then distributed (for a fe..
6. Fix Credit Scores
Fix Credit Scores How to Fix Credit ScoresThere is no way to quickly fix credit scores since the process takes time to be successful. The best way to fix credit scores is to take care of it in a responsible way steadily over time in order or to repair credit history. Here are some tips for accomplishing that.Fix Credit Scores: First Steps• Check a credit report: Free copies can be requested an..
7. Free Credit Reports
Free Credit Reports How to get Free Credit ReportsA credit report gives information on an individual's location, how the individual pays bills, record of lawsuits and arrests, and any history of bankruptcy. Credit reports can be used by businesses, employers, creditors, insurers, as a means of evaluation for various things such as employment, credit, or housing. The credit report contains three di..
8. Legal vs. Illegal Credit Card Offers
Legal vs. Illegal Credit Card Offers What are Credit Card Offers? Credit Card Offers are bids and proposals furnished by credit card companies in order to amass new customers. Within the vast expanse of Credit Card Offers, there exist a variety of factors, terms, conditions, and components offered to prospective patrons. As a result, the initial conditions and terms latent within Credit Card Offers set for..
9. Standard Chartered Credit Card Quick Overview
Standard Chartered Credit Card Quick Overview What is a Standard Chartered Credit Card?A Standard Chartered Credit Card is an instrument of credit that is furnished by the international bank and financial services company ‘Standard Chartered PLC’. While Standard Chartered maintains almost 1,800 locations worldwide, the international financial institution was founded in London, England. In addition, Standard Charte..
10. What are Credit Cards?
What are Credit Cards? A credit card is a plastic card with a magnetic strip on the back. Credit cards are carried by the majority of consumers in the United States. Holders of such cards have the ability and authorization to purchase goods and services on credit. All credit cards are issued by financial intermediaries, such as banks. Furthermore, all credit cards are attached with a credit limi..
11. What Are Interest Rates
What Are Interest Rates What are Interest Rates?An interest rate refers to the rate at which is interest is required by a borrower for the use of credit. For example, if a consumer opens a credit line via a credit card from a bank, the individual will be given a set amount of credit and in return the lender will receive interest payments at a predetermined rate for deferring the use of funds and inste..
12. What You May Not Know About Credit Card Debt
What You May Not Know About Credit Card Debt What is Credit Card Debt? Credit card debt is an unfortunate situation that occurs when an individual over-extends themselves by purchasing goods with credit beyond their means to pay the debt. In essence, credit card debt occurs when an individual’s debt, as a result of their credit card use, exceeds their ability to pay the debt or their income. Credit card deb..