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1. A Full Guide on How to Buy Used Cars
A Full Guide on How to Buy Used Cars Many consumers wish to know how to buy used cars at the best possible price. Many also feel that car payments are unavoidable, so they might as well buy a newer car instead of choosing to buy used cars.  There have been significant improvements in the quality of cars over the years, which means that well-maintained cars should stay reliable for at least 100,000 miles and t..
2. A Guide to Auto Recalls
A Guide to Auto Recalls The United States National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act gives the Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the authority to create vehicle safety standards and to require vehicle manufacturers to recall motor vehicles that do not meet Federal safety standards or have any safety-related defects. Since 1966, over 390 million cars, buses,..
3. A Guide to How to Buy a Car
A Guide to How to Buy a Car When you buy a car, it is usually a person’s second most expensive purchase, after purchasing a home. The National Automobile Dealers Association states that the average price of a brand new car purchased in the United States is $28,400. Because buying a car is an expensive endeavor, you must go about the process carefully and practically to get the best results.How to Buy a ..
4. A Guide to Motorcycle Helmet Laws
A Guide to Motorcycle Helmet Laws Compared with passenger cars, motorcycles are much more dangerous as a form of travel. The United States federal government estimates that in 2007, for each mile traveled, the total number of deaths on motorcycles was about 37 times more than the number of deaths in cars. There were 5,112 deaths among motorcyclists in 2008 and 4,281 deaths in 2009. Often, motorcycles have ..
5. A Guide to Moving Violations
A Guide to Moving Violations What are Moving Violations?A moving violation is a violation of traffic law which is committed by a driver of a motor vehicle while the vehicle is in motion. The word "motion" distinguishes moving violations from other traffic violations such as equipment violations, parking violations, or paperwork violations that are related to registration insurance, inspection, or others.Mo..
6. A Guide to Seat Belt Laws in the United States
A Guide to Seat Belt Laws in the United States There are safety belt laws in all states in the United States with the exception of New Hampshire. In certain states, these seat belt laws may only cover front-seat occupants, but seat belt laws in 26 states as well as the District of Columbia cover both front and rear-seat occupants.Seat belt laws are separated into two distinct categories Seat Belt Laws: primary and secondary..
7. A Guide to the Traffic Violations Bureau
A Guide to the Traffic Violations Bureau The Traffic Violations Bureau, often referred to as TVB, is a division of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. The Traffic Violations Bureau is entrusted with resolving non-criminal traffic violations within New York City, and the cities of Buffalo and Rochester, as well as significant sections of Suffolk County. The idea behind the establishment of the Traffic Viol..
8. Alabama Driving Test Questions
Alabama Driving Test QuestionsThe list below provides an example of certain questions that might qualify as Alabama driving test questions.  It is important to study for your Alabama driving test questions, and it’s also important that you go to your local DMV and obtain hard copies of driving manuals.  The list below doesn’t contain all Alabama driving test quest..
9. Alabama License Plates
Alabama License Plates In order to get Alabama license plates for your vehicle, you have to go through the Alabama Motor Vehicle Division. This is the department that is responsible for issuing titles for vehicles in Alabama and maintaining vehicle registration information.Personalized Alabama License PlatesYou can search and reserve personalized Alabama license plates online at the Alabama Motor Veh..
10. Alabama Parking Laws
A brief guide to Alabama parking lawDriving is a serious responsibility, and your legal obligations do not end once your vehicle is no longer in motion. Alabama parking laws have many regulations which you must be aware of. Failure to obey these rules can result in a financial penalty.Some of the most important Alabama parking laws concern areas where you can legally leave your..
11. Alabama Permit Practice Test
Alabama Permit Practice Test Drivers licenses and permits in Alabama are issued by the Alabama Department of Public Safety and this agency will also administer the permit practice test in Alabama.  To obtain a learner’s permit is Alabama you must present a valid photo ID and social security card.  Three forms of non-picture ID may be substituted for a picture ID.  Those under the age of 19..
12. Alabama Traffic Laws
Alabama Traffic Laws   A brief guide to Alabama traffic laws As a driver, you have the responsibility to operate your vehicle safely. Doing so means following every Alabama traffic law. Failure to do so may subject you to Alabama traffic fines or the loss or suspension of your license. Many different violations of Alabama traffic law can lead a police officer to pull you ..
13. Alabama Vehicle Registration
Alabama Vehicle Registration Do I Need to AZ Registration?AL vehicle registration law says that a vehicle owner must retain Motor Vehicle Registration tag for the vehicle for potential presentation to law enforcement officials.  Failure to provide proof of current registration yields a penalty of a minimum of $50. If you trade vehicles, you are required to keep a copy of the bill of sale, the title ap..
14. Alaska Driving Test Questions
Alaska Driving Test QuestionsThe list below indicates certain questions that may qualify as Alaska driving test questions.  While studying for the Alaska driving test questions, it’s important to reference as many resources as you possibly can.  Driving conditions within Alaska differ from most other states, and you need to be prepared to drive in unfair conditions ..
15. Alaska License Plates
Alaska License Plates The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles requires all motor vehicles to have two license plates, with the current month and year tabs on the back plate. Motorcycles and trailers require only one license plate, and it must have the current month and year tabs.The Division of Motor Vehicles will issue a set of Alaska license plates for your new vehicle that has a unique set of lette..