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1. A Guide to the Child Abuse Hotline
A Guide to the Child Abuse Hotline What is the Child Abuse Hotline?The Child Abuse Hotline is a toll-free phone number that provides counseling, assistance, and support to children who are – or have – been the victims of child abuse; the Child Abuse Hotline is a service provided by the umbrella charity organization called ‘Childhelp’, which was founded in 1959 in order to provide support services for chi..
2. Child Abuse
What is Child Abuse?Child Abuse is a criminalact that is defined as an overarching mismanagement, mishandling, and action with regard to the treatment of a child or an individual legally-classified as a minor. Child Abuse can range in its classification; oftentimes, the abuse of a child will be indicative of two specific factors – the examination and legal restitution corolla..
3. Child Grooming
Child Grooming   What is Child Grooming?   Child grooming is a term used in the context of child sexual abuse.  Grooming is process used by the abuser to establish the trust of the child and the trust of the child’s parents or guardians as well.  According to the Hero Project, predators will usually try and gain access to a child by grooming the par..
4. Consequences of Child Abuse
Consequences of Child Abuse What is the Legal Definition of Child Abuse?The illegal act of child abuse is formally defined as the general mishandling--through unlawful wrongdoing, neglect, or unethical activity--of a minor or child. As a result of this loaded definition, child abuse can range in severity and in nature; child abuse can be a physical, emotional or psychological attack on a minor or child. A..
5. Importance of Child Advocacy
Importance of Child Advocacy What is Child Advocacy?Child Advocacy is considered to be both a methodology, as well an ideology that provides the protection of the rights and freedoms entitled to children. A child, whose legal classification as a minor allows for a multitude of supplementary legislature and requirements with regard to both the institution and the assurance that children are not subjected to..
6. Permanent Damage
Permanent Damage ..
7. Report Child Abuse
8. Stop Hurting Children
Stop Hurting Children ..