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1. Commercial Bank
Commercial Bank What is a Commercial Bank?A commercial bank is a financial institution and intermediary that provides numerous services to its clients including: transaction, money market and savings accounts. Following the passing of the Glass-Steagall Act, the United States Federal Government required commercial banks to only engage in banking activities, while investment banks were only lim..
2. Easy to Understand Overview of Commercial Loans
Easy to Understand Overview of Commercial Loans Commercial Loans Explained:Commercial loans are a form of financing offered by banks or financial institutions to qualifying business entities. A corporation or business entity may secure a corporate loan for a variety of reasons; in some instances a commercial loan may be desired to assist a particular company with short term financing to help fund basic operational functions,..
3. Embargo Act Text
Text of the Embargo Act of 1807 JeffersonEMBARGO.Agreeably to the notice given yesterday; Mr. SMITH, of Maryland. asked and obtained leave to bring in a bill in addition to the act, entitled "An act laying an, embargo on all ships and vessels in the ports and harbors of the United States," and the several acts supplementary thereto, and for other purposes; and the bill was read..
4. Hepburn Act
What is the Hepburn Act 1906?The Hepburn Act 1906 is a United States federal law that formally gave the Interstate Commerce Commission the authority to establish maximum railroad rates. This power enabled the government to discontinue free passes to loyal shippers. Furthermore, the Interstate Commerce Commission was able to view all financial documents and records associated wi..
5. National Industrial Recovery Act Text
TITLE I—INDUSTRIAL RECOVERY   DECLARATION OF POLICY   SECTION 1. A national emergency productive of widespread unemployment and disorganization of industry, which burdens interstate and foreign commerce, affects the public welfare, and undermines the standards of living of the American people, is hereby declared to exist. It is hereby declared to be ..
6. Quick Overview of E-Commerce
Quick Overview of E-Commerce What is E-Commerce?E-Commerce, which is a widely-used colloquialism representingthe term ‘electronic commerce’ is a classification given to efforts designed to conduct business over the internet, which ranges from online-based commercial endeavors to electronic business activity. E-Commerce typically takesplace through the usage of the internet commercial marketplace, which..
7. Understanding Commercial Law In Depth
What is Commercial Law?Commercial Law is the field of law that covers, regulates, oversees, and mandates practices conducted by Business operations and endeavors in a commercial setting; Commercial Law can include the analysis and legality latent within business operations including businesses, corporations, manufacturers, retailers, vendors, and various forms of sales.Suppleme..