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1. Air Pollution Overview
Air Pollution Overview All living things are entitled to breath air that is not unreasonably polluted. Some pollution is uncontrollable and natural such as the sulfur that is put into the air as a result of a volcanic eruption. However, this is the of the few exceptions to the rule.Almost every act of commerce involves some form of pollution. Technology and the industrialization has accelerated the e..
2. All You Need to Know About The Clean Water Act & Its Amendments
All You Need to Know About The Clean Water Act & Its Amendments The Clean Water Act laid the the foundation for the body of environmental laws pertaining to the fight against polluted water. The Clean Water Act first came into effect in 1972. Since then it has been amended during the same year it came into effect and further provisions have been added to the original act in 1977 and 1987.The Clean Water Act targets polluted water at the sur..
3. Animal Laws Quick Overview
Animal Laws Quick Overview Animal laws backgroundAnimal laws are in place to protect people, but they are also in place to protect animals. There are leash laws and rabies vaccination laws which prevent disease transmission from pets to people and to other pets. There are also animal cruelty laws which include strict penalties for those that mistreat animals.Animal crueltyAnimal cruelty laws have become ..
4. Clean Air Act
Clean Air Act Getting Fresh Air with the Clean Air ActThe Clean Air Act is a federal law that was passed to protect the public from harmful emission coming out of the both moving and stationary sources. The Clean Air Act allows the Environmental Protection Agency to set up National Ambient Air Quality Standards in order to control any emissions of air pollutants. While the Clean Air Act was ..
5. Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act
Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act Facts about the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power ActThe Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act was an act that was introduced by Senator Boxer, the Senate committee chair of the Committee on Environment and Public Works on October 23, 2009. The Committee on Environment and Public Works in the Senate voted and approved The Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act in an 11-..
6. Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act (Full Text )
Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act (Full Text ) Full Text of the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act O:DECDEC09670.xml [file 1 of 5] S.L.C. 111TH CONGRESS 1ST SESSION S. ll To create clean energy jobs, promote energy independence, reduce global warming pollution, and transition to a clean energy economy. IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES llllllllll Mr. KERRY (for himself and Mrs. BO..
7. Climate Change
Climate Change The Facts and Science behind Climate ChangeClimate Change is a term used to refer to any significant changes found in measuring the climate that are the direct result of both natural factors and human activities These sustained changes can be in the temperature, wind, precipitation, levels of carbon dioxide, or other climate related measurementsClimate change is the result of b..
8. Environmental Law Overview
Environmental Law Overview Environmental law covers a myriad of topics that involve the protection of the environment. Environmental law also encompasses avenues of legal recourse through which victims of environmental disasters can go.Environmental law has has state, local, and federal provisions that are designed to ensure a livable quality of air and water. Most environmental laws target businesses wh..
9. Environmental Policy Act Text
Full Text of the Environmental Policy Act of 1969:The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, as amended(Pub. L. 91-190, 42 U.S.C. 4321-4347, January 1, 1970, as amended by Pub. L. 94-52, July 3, 1975, Pub. L. 94-83, August 9, 1975, and Pub. L. 97-258, § 4(b), Sept. 13, 1982)An Act to establish a national policy for the environment, to provide for the establishment of a Cou..
10. Federal Regulations At A Glance
Federal Regulations At A Glance The Environmental Protection Agency is a entity of the executive branch whose charter was approved by the United States congress to make environmental policy as well as enforce the environmental laws. Their main goal is to enforce environmental laws and regulation. They are also responsible for environmental assessments of commercial practices within the United States, i..
11. Know Your Animal Cruelty Cases
Know Your Animal Cruelty Cases Animal cruelty statistics indicate an increase in animal cruelty cases. However, some of the increase can be attributed to better investigative techniques and an increase in reporting. Yet,  animal cruelty statistics do indicate an increase in incidence which can be attributed to the poor state of the economy. As families struggle to pay the bills, they may abandon or stop..
12. Lacey Act Overview
Lacey Act Overview The Lacey Act was enacted in the United States in 1900. The Act was introduced by John Lacey, an Iowa representative.  The Lacey Act was meant to protect nature through criminal penalties which cover many violations of the Act. The Lacey Act prohibits the sale of wildlife, including plants which have been illegally obtained. The Act was signed into law by  President M..
13. National Environmental Policy Act
National Environmental Policy Act What is the National Environmental Policy Act? The National Environmental Policy Act is a federal law that formally established a U.S. national policy responsible for promoting the enhancement of the environment. The National Environmental Policy Act, which was enacted on January 1st of 1970, also established the President’s Council on Environmental Quality. The m..
14. Pollution
Pollution How Big of a Problem is Pollution?With the technological advances made in the last century, humans have made a much more significant and in some ways detrimental impact on the Earth. Many organizations and even countries have begun to take a hard look at man-made impact on the earth and have responded by taking action in order to reduce this and protect the environment from pol..
15. Quick Overview to Environmental Law
Quick Overview to Environmental Law Environmental law backgroundEnvironmental laws are enacted in order to protect the environment. The laws may differ internationally and even within states, but all environmental laws are meant to encourage responsible practices by businesses which have an impact on the environment. International environmental lawInternational environmental law is often impacted by the rese..

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