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1. Adams County Jail
Adams County Jail The Adams County Jail has been in operation in Brighton, Colorado since 1985. The initial construction of the Adams County Jail cost twenty million dollars. In its original configuration, the Adams County Jail consisted of five modules, each of which featured six pods. Each of the modules is self-contained and has its own recreation yard, as well as independent heating and..
2. Alabama Department of Corrections
Alabama Department of Corrections The Alabama Department of Corrections is currently headed by Commissioner Richard Allen and Chief Deputy Commissioner Vernon Barrett. The Alabama Department of Corrections, or ADOC, as it is sometimes called, is in charge of the prison system of Alabama on the state level. The Alabama Department of Corrections has jurisdiction over 19 different major institutions, includin..
3. Anoka County Jail
Anoka County Jail County jails are an important resource when it comes to county and state safety issues; the purpose of a county jail is to hold the criminals after they have been apprehended for numerous crimes. Because county jails tend to be on the smaller side, these are facilities often used for the holding of individuals until a hearing or as inmates of the facility serving a year or..
4. Barren County Jail
Barren County Jail The Barren county jail is the prototype of jail scenario; it is a facility in Kentucky that is used to hold individuals who are awaiting trial dates, those who have been sentenced to imprisonment for duration shorter than a year, and those who are awaiting transfer to another detention center for longer incarceration. The Barren county jail facility is staffed with officers, or..
5. Bell County Jail
Bell County Jail The Bell County Jail is like most County Jails in the United States. The main purpose of the Bell County Jail is to punish inmates for crimes of which they have been found guilty. However, in addition to punishment, prisons attempt to rehabilitate prisoners and prevent them from committing further crimes.Although many prisoners re-offend and eventually return to prisons, many d..
6. Berks County Jail
Berks County Jail The Berks County Prison is located at 1287 County Welfare Road in Lesport, Pennsylvania. The Berks County correctional facility is comprised of two separate buildings; both are fundamental in confining and rehabilitating a citizen of the community convicted of a wrongdoing.The Berks County Jail system intends to establish a secure environment and strives to provide protection a..
7. Broward County Jail
Broward County Jail Broward County Jail is located at 555 SE 1st Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Information on visiting Broward County Jail inmates or on other concerns raised by incarceration in this facility can be located on the website for the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Broward County Jail is the Main Jail for the country sheriff’s office, with other facilities being the Joseph V. Cont..
8. California County Jail
California County Jail LA County JailLA County Jail is located in downtown Los Angeles. One of the largest challenges facing LA County Jail is that there is larger shares of individuals who come into LA County Jail have mental disorders. As a result, every inmate who enters the LA County Jail system receives a mental health screening.Fresno County JailFresno County Jail is overseen by the Fresno Coun..
9. Columbia County Jail
Columbia County Jail The Columbia county jail is located in St Helens, Oregon. The jail has hundreds of beds for male and female inmates. In addition to providing for the inmate's basic needs, the jail also has many social and psychological programs available.Columbia County has a Sheriff's office which is struggling financially which has resulted in the county being short on the amount of officers..
10. Cook County Jail
Cook County Jail The Cook County jail is considered to be one of the largest pre-detention facilities in the United States. At any given time, the Cook County jail houses over 9,000 inmates, there over 3,000 law enforcement officers and approximately 7,000 civilian employees. The area of the jail itself is situated on 96 acres of land.Primarily Cook County jail inmates are made up of men and wo..
11. Davis County Jail
Davis County Jail Located in Farmington, Utah the Davis County Jail is a correctional facility that aims to provide for community safety, security, and the welfare of inmates and staff. The Davis County jail is run under the authority of the Sheriff of Davis County, and the facility's numerous operations comply with all of the Utah Jail Standards, including both state and federal guidelines. The..
12. Dekalb County Jail
Dekalb County Jail DeKalb County Jail is located in Decatur, Georgia, at 4425 Memorial Drive. This holding facility is used for all arrests made in the county, regardless of the arresting agency involved or whether the offense is at a local, county or state level. DeKalb County Jail inmates generally spend their prison sentences in a state prison if convicted of committing felonies, and may ..
13. Detention Center Overview
Detention Center Overview Detention The term detention is usually used to refer to the process of holding an individual, either for questioning or as a form of punishment. When an individual is placed in a detention center, he/she may be held here until he/she trial occurs, or he/she may remain here to complete a sentence ordered by the court.Juvenile Detention CenterA juvenile detention center is ..
14. How Federal Prisons Function in the US
How Federal Prisons Function in the US A federal prison is a form of correctional facility in the United States, which is solely run by the federal government. Correctional facilities or prisons can be run by state, county or local authorities; as a result of its advanced and extended resources, a federal prison is able to maximize security precautions and enable the correctional facility to harbor the most dan..
15. How to Become a Prison Guards
How to Become a Prison Guards The process of becoming a prison guard is often similar to that of becoming a police officer. If an individual wants to become a prison guard, he/she should obtain a bachelor's degree from a four year college or university. Though state prison guards often do not require a college education, federal prison guards need to obtain a bachelor's degree. After locating an availa..

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