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1. A Brief History of Real Property
A Brief History of Real Property BackgroundAs we all know, since America's early settlement days, it has existed as a great melting pot. Diverse groups of people have come from various countries, with their nations' ideas, looking to implement them within the United States, if deemed as beneficial. Similarly, such has occurred with real property laws, which initially were derived from the feudalism era. The ow..
2. A Brief Overview of Adverse Possession
A Brief Overview of Adverse Possession BackgroundAdverse possession is a law that is undercover to a majority of the population due to its rare nature. There is a correlation between its occurrence and its awareness being generated. With the given economy at hand, the likeliness of its occurrence is said to increase. This law has been enforceable for hundreds of years, and its process has been implemented sever..
3. A Brief Overview of Deeds
A Brief Overview of Deeds The completion of deeds is much more of a legal process as you might assume. It's not as simple as you giving over your property to someone else. There are a slew of legalities involved. As soon as the form is drawn up with the appropriate signatures (such as by the witness of a notary public), it is now a legally binding document, which comes with strict consequences if fraudu..
4. A Brief Overview of Land Descriptions
A Brief Overview of Land Descriptions Government Description Plotted DescriptionThe surveying techniques, which have been in existence since the construction of pyramids, have been applied in our present day era as the United States's government standard to understanding land and territories. Plotted areas are measured and researched then given a description on a visual drawn to scale map called a plat. Plats can r..
5. A Brief Overview to Titles
A Brief Overview to Titles In the situation that an individual is attempting to sell a particular object that has a title of ownership, such as an automobile, the actual title will be transferred to the person making purchasing such object. However, there are some cases in which titles will not actually be in the possession of the seller. This situation occurs most commonly when a loan was taken out to f..
6. A Full Overview Gentrification
A Full Overview Gentrification Gentrification takes place in cities throughout the United States and other countries. It is the process of moving low income residents out, and replacing them with residents of a higher social class. Buildings and businesses in gentrified areas are also revamped. Gentrification is a controversial issue because while it improves cities and offers a brighter future, there are ne..
7. A Full Overview of Real Property
A Full Overview of Real Property BackgroundMost laws, including real property law, are governed by both, the federal. and state government, majority of the laws are established by the state with jurisdiction. Each state has its own variations of the laws established, particularly to meet the requirements of their residents. For example, some states have more flat land, rather than a mountainous terrain, theref..
8. A Short Guide to Fee Simple Absolutes
A Short Guide to Fee Simple Absolutes Fee Simple AbsoluteThis most powerful form of property ownership, that which allows for full control over land. The only limitations upon the property are held by the governmental powers of eminent domain, escheat, police power, and taxation. Besides that, you have the right to enjoy your property to its fullest as long as it does not interfere with the enjoyment rights held by..
9. Acquiring Real Property Overview
Acquiring Real Property Overview InheritancetitlesGiftscontractAdverse Possession This law has been enforceable for hundreds of years, and its process has been implemented several times since not only the early settlement of the United States, but in the settlement of European nations since the 1400's. Adverse possession takes place without the willingness of the property owner. If the owner was to be a..
10. Alabama Landlord Tenant Law
A brief guide to Alabama landlord-tenant lawA rental or lease contract between two parties involves many different responsibilities and commitments. Alabama landlord-tenant laws have many conditions which must be followed at all stages of any property agreement.As a renter, before you commit to any real estate contract, it is important to examine any property. While Alabama lan..
11. Alabama Tenant Rights
A brief guide to Alabama tenant rightsWhen renting property from a person or business, you are entitled to a number of legal protections. Before signing any lease, an Alabama tenant right that should be taken advantage of is to thoroughly inspect the property you are thinking of renting. Under state laws, any property that is being leased should be meet a reasonable standard of..
12. Alaska Landlord Tenant Law
Frequently Asked Questions about Alaska Landlord Tenant LawWhat is Alaska landlord-tenant law?In 2010, the Alaska legislature passed the Alaska Landlord & Tenant Act, a landmark piece of legislation which codified all of the state’s laws governing rental properties. Individuals are often taken advantage of in landlord-tenant relationships, so Alaska landlord-tenant law is..
13. An Overview of Inclusion under Real Property
An Overview of Inclusion under Real Property Riparian RightsRiparian rights doctrine is one of three theories, which regulates land connected to bodies of water and the law that pertains to the usage of that water from their land. The doctrine is currently the ruling law in several states, exceptions being states that lack rain or have an insufficient water supply. Riparian rights give land owners the right to use the wat..
14. An Overview of The Land Survey
An Overview of The Land Survey BackgroundFor thousands of years, the land survey has been a crucial element of nearly all real estate law and real estate litigation. Incorporating nearly every element of mathematics, hard science, and property law, surveying is often oversimplified by some as a means of ascertaining the the boundaries of a property.Also incorporating soil constitution, building measurement, ..
15. An Overview on Encumbrances
An Overview on Encumbrances BackgroundAn encumbrance is a debt, claim, or lien left on a property that is attached, and can affect it’s value, transfer, and title. There are different types of encumbrances, such as, taxes, mortgages, liens, environmental, etc.. Some encumbrances deal with monetary holds, such as liens and mortgages. Others can deal with other things such as zoning laws, encroachment, an..