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1. A Full Overview on Domestic Abuse Studies
A Full Overview on Domestic Abuse Studies Domestic violence is very prevalent in the United States; due to its frequency and severity, domestic violence is often the subject of various research and studies. Researchers, scientists, psychologists, and anthropologists invest a great deal of time and valuable resources into studying the possible causes and the detrimental effects of domestic violence, spousal abuse, ..
2. A Short Overview of the Domestic Violence Awareness Project
Intimate partner violence is a very serious problem in the United States. There are many organizations that have dedicated a great deal of resources to increasing public awareness about domestic violence and spousal abuse. Each domestic violence organization that is involved in the Domestic Violence Awareness Project has a history of establishing education and prevention ..
3. An Overview of Domestic partnership
An Overview of Domestic partnership Domestic partnerships are recognized as a relationship in which a romantically involved couple lives together, but is not married or in another legally recognized relationship. Domestic partners can involve same sex or opposite sex couples. Due to many same sex couples having the inability to get married, they often enter into domestic partnerships. While some states offer..
4. An Overview of Domestic Violence
An Overview of Domestic Violence Domestic violence, depending on the specifics involved in the matter, can either be considered a criminal act or a civil one. For serious offenses, the typical punishments regarding domestic abuse are prison sentences that can range from 5 years to life. Typically these punishments are sparked by severe abuse or cases that would precipitate other charges such as murder or ..
5. An Overview of Putative Marriage
An Overview of Putative Marriage DefinitionA putative marriage is an invalid marriage that is entered in good faith by at least one of the two participants. While an individual in a putative marriage may have no idea he or she is in an illegitimate marriage, he or she may find out that there is a legal impediment in the way of his or her marriage's legality. This is usually due to a spouse's previous marriage...
6. An Overview of the Effects of Domestic Violence
An Overview of the Effects of Domestic Violence One of the most common effects of domestic violence and abuse is depression. Victims of domestic violence are often humiliated and degraded on a daily basis. Their abusers undermine their value and make them believe that they are worthless. After repeatedly having negative comments directed towards, victims of this psychological abuse may begin to believe the harmful insults of..
7. Annulment of Marriage in Alabama
A brief guide to obtaining an annulment of marriage in AlabamaIf you are Catholic or maintain a belief system which does not believe in divorce but wish to separate from your spouse, there are other options. However, for many people, obtaining legal annulments of marriage in Alabama will be difficult. There are a certain series of circumstances under which this may be granted. ..
8. Annulment of Marriage in Alaska
Frequently Asked Questions about Annulment of Marriage in AlaskaWhat is an annulment of marriage in Alaska?An annulment of marriage is a popular practice across the United States, similar to a divorce. The different is that whereas a divorce simply ends a marriage, declaring usually that the married couple has irreconcilable differences which their union can no longer survive, ..
9. Annulment of Marriage in Arizona
The provisions for the annulment of marriage in Arizona are found in Title 25, Chapter 3, Article 1 of the Arizona code.  The statute for annulment of marriage in Arizona is succinct and establishes the ability of the court to declare a marriage void provided that certain grounds and conditions for an annulment are present.  Similar to a divorce, the couple will still..
10. Annulment of Marriage in Connecticut
Guide to Annulment of Marriage in ConnecticutNot all marriages in Connecticut are ended with divorce or the death of a spouse.  In some limited circumstances, an annulment of marriage in CT can be granted.  Annulment differs in key ways from a divorce, and can only be obtained if you can prove to the court that you have grounds.  This guide will explain the proce..
11. Annulment of Marriage in Florida
Guide to Annulment of Marriage in Florida While divorce is the most common way to end a marriage in every state, annulment of marriage in FL is another way to end a marital relationship.  While divorce acknowledges the legitimacy of the relationship and dissolves it equitably, an annulment of marriage in Florida is only done when the marriage itself was non-legitima..
12. Annulment of Marriage in Georgia
Quick Guide to Annulments in Georgia Laws for Annulments of Marriages in GeorgiaLaws concerning the annulment of marriage in Georgia are listed under Chapter 19 of the GA official code.  There are several sections that address the topic of annulment, and the state of Georgia is somewhat strict on annulments compared to other states.  According to Section 19-4-1 o..
13. Annulment of Marriage in Illinois
Guide to Annulment of Marriage in IllinoisNot all couples who end their marriages do so with divorce.  annulment of marriage in IL is another possible option for couples who need to end their marriage.  Unlike a divorce, which recognizes the validity of a marriage but ends it, annulment of marriage in Illinois retroactively voids the marriage.  If you intend to s..
14. Annulment of Marriage in Indiana
How does one get an annulment of marriage in Indiana?An annulment is a legal procedure that invalidates a legal contract as if it never existed.  This is separate from a divorce and will have different standards and procedures as well as legal ramifications.  Note that getting an annulment will be the equivalent of the marriage never existing in the first place, hence..
15. Annulment of Marriage in Kentucky
Guide to Annulment of Marriage in KentuckyIn the state of Kentucky, there are three ways a marriage may legally end.  Death of a spouse automatically terminates a marriage, and divorce can also result in a marriage's end.  The third way to end a marriage is significantly less common: annulment of marriage in KY is granted only under very specific circumstances, and re..