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1. Alabama Adoption
Alabama Adoption     A brief guide to Alabama adoption     Any single person or couple who wishes to adopt a minor child in the state of Alabama must be aware of all the laws related. Alabama adoptions come in four different forms:     • Private adoptions concern a private agreement between a birth parent and an adopting parent ..
2. Alaska Adoption
Frequently Asked Questions about Alaska AdoptionWhat is Alaska adoption?Alaska adoption is the process by which an adult takes on the legal and physical responsibilities for a child’s wellbeing that are usually assigned to biological parents. Adoption may occur at any time in a child’s life, though it most commonly occurs for infants and very young children. Older children ..
3. Illinois Adoption
Guide to Illinois AdoptionIf you are interested in adopting a child in the state of Illinois, understanding the state's adoption laws can make it easier to start the process.  It can take months or years to complete your IL adoption, depending on what route you take toward adoption.  This guide will familiarize you with the Illinois adoption process, requirements for ..
4. Indiana Adoption
Indiana adoptions will be handled by the Department of Child Services and there is the SNAP program (Special Needs Adoption Program) to encourage and facilitate the Indiana adoption of children with specific needs and in need of homes.  SNAP specialists, as well as Licensed Child Placing Agency representatives can both help you being the process to be eligible to adopt a c..
5. Kentucky Adoption
Kentucky Adoption     Guide to Kentucky Adoption     If you are considering adopting a child in Kentucky, you may want to know more about the KY adoption process.  Generally speaking, Kentucky adoption through the state's foster care system can be quite inexpensive and may take as little as a few months.  This guide will explain the steps you..
6. Louisiana Adoption
A brief guide to Louisiana adoptionsWhether you are a single person or part of a couple, if you wish to adopt a minor child there are a number of potential complications you should be aware of. There are four different types of Louisiana adoption which you may consider:• Private adoptions are arranged between a birth parent and the adopting person or couple. These kinds of Lo..
7. Maryland Adoption
What You Need to Know About Maryland AdoptionThere’s nothing more tender than adopting a child. And in the state of Maryland, it’s especially crucial to know what you’re dealing with….How does one handle a Maryland adoption? What are the laws of Maryland adoption? Are they any qualifications to know about concerning Maryland adoptions?Know this: this article will help y..
8. Massachusetts Adoption
Who Must Consent to a Massachusetts Adoption?Written consent to a Massachusetts adoption is required from the following parties: • The lawful parents• The child’s surviving parent (if present)• The mother if the child is born out of wedlock• The child’s spouse (if applicable)Who May be Adopted in Massachusetts?Any person younger than the adopting party may be a..
9. Minnesota Adoption
Understanding Minnesota AdoptionAre you interested in becoming an adoptive parent in the state of Minnesota? If so, there are a few things you need to know about MN adoption.The Legal Parent/Child RelationshipThere are actually four basic types of Minnesota adoption:1. Birth Parent MN Adoption2. MN Adoption Outside the U.S.3. Stepparent MN Adoption4. Guardianship MN AdoptionWhe..
10. Missouri Adoption
The Laws, Requirements, and Process of Missouri AdoptionOne of the beautiful things in this world is the ability to proceed with an MO adoption. Specifically, in this case, a Missouri adoption.But how does one go about it? What are the laws? What are the qualifications? This will investigate everything you need to know about MO adoption.A Common Law of Missouri AdoptionWhat mak..
11. Montana Adoption
Laws and Procedures Associated with Montana Adoption:In 2003, there were over 500 prospective adoptive children in custody of Montana’s Department of Social and Health Services. The purpose of Montana’s adoption program is to satisfy the permanency needs of children. The Montana Department of Social and Health Services is responsible for finding stable and safe families tha..
12. New Mexico Adoption
Quick Guide to New Mexico Adoptions New Mexico AdoptionsThere are generally three ways a New Mexico adoption usually occurs: privately, through the Children, Youth, and Families Department (CYFD), or through a national program.  Each type of New Mexico adoption is discussed within this article.  If you are thinking about New Mexico adoptions, you are usually advi..
13. New York Adoption
Guide to New York AdoptionThe New York adoption process is relatively straightforward, but it can still be a difficult and time-consuming process for many families.  If you are considering starting the NY adoption process, you may have questions about your eligibility and the various steps in the process.  This guide can help you understand the basics of New York adop..
14. North Dakota Adoption
A brief guide to North Dakota adoptionTaking custody of a minor child is not a process to be undertaken lightly, requiring significant fiscal and time commitments. There are four different types of North Dakota adoptions you may consider:• Private adoptions involve a contract between a birth parent and the adopting single parent or couple. This type of North Dakota adoption c..
15. Oklahoma Adoption
Guide to Oklahoma AdoptionMore families than ever are choosing to open their homes to an OK adoption.  If you are considering an adoption through the state of Oklahoma's foster care system, you may want to know more about the process you can expect.  This guide will explain how the Oklahoma adoption process works, from your initial inquiry until your new child moves i..

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