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1. 10 Things You Must Know When Getting Divorced
When going through a divorce, the following is a list of 10 factors that you should know.1   EmotionsWhen going through a divorce, you will feel stressed, angry, and upset. Seeking divorce advice through a therapist may help to ease the emotions that you are feeling. It is important to remember that a divorce can be a quick process if both parties act accordingly.2   ..
2. 12 Steps To a Divorce
12 Steps To a Divorce Getting a divorce can be confusing and a bit challenging; however with the help of a lawyer and a clear understanding of the 12 divorce steps, a divorce can be obtained in a quick and efficient manner.1    SeparationAfter a couple has decided that they can no longer stay married, they will undergo a separation. Often a separation involves an individual moving out of t..
3. 2 Common Questions About Divorce Records
Because a divorce is considered to be a legal proceeding, a proper record of a particular divorce is to be made and kept on file with the appropriate courts and repositories. It should be noted that divorce records are kept on file and available for public viewing. What Information is Contained in a Divorce RecordDivorce records are legal proof that a legal separation has ..
4. 4 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Divorce Court
4 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Divorce Court Divorce proceedings will prove to be a trying period for all parties involved. A divorce is a serious legal action that should only be considered in the case where there is no other option. Divorce is not only a means to end a marital relationship, but also incurs various legal consequences, which makes the decision to get a divorce the best and last possible option in regards ..
5. 5 Things You Didn't Know About Divorce Laws
5 Things You Didn't Know About Divorce Laws Divorce law is often one of the areas of law that prove to be quite extensive and most times quite confusing. The fact is that laws will change depending on the state, for it is the states that have jurisdiction over marital matters. Therefore, it is not uncommon that there will be aspects of divorce law, and the act of divorce in general, which are not generally known by ..
6. 7 Things You Must Know About Alimony
7 Things You Must Know About Alimony Alimony is a financial arrangement that is awarded by the courts, typically as the result of a divorce. Alimony requires that one spouse provide for regular payments to the other in order to provide for financial support. Alimony is determined by the courts in accordance to various factors, though some may include the length of the marriage, differences in income between t..
7. Abandonment Divorce
What Is Abandonment Divorce?It’s important to understand the distinction between what is ‘lawful separation’ and the grounds for divorce that constitute something commonly referred to as abandonment divorce.The Basis for a ‘Legal Separation’First off, in many cases regarding divorce, separation is common. Many times a husband or wife may simply move out of the home fr..
8. Absolute Divorce
What Is an Absolute Divorce?It seems that this would be a non-issue, but the fact is there are actually two kinds of divorce by law: a limited divorce, and an absolute divorce.So What’s the Difference?First off, let’s get the grounds for divorce down in writing here. To understand what an ‘absolute divorce’ means, these are some of the requirements necessary for a famil..
9. Affordable Divorce
Is There a Way to Obtain an Affordable Divorce?Thankfully, yes, there is. It just takes a bit of clever research and the hope of an ideal situation. We have to understand one important thing, though, about a divorce:Most divorces can cost a bit of money. But only because they’re not handled quite right. In all honesty, divorces are viewed as something other than what they rea..
10. After Divorce Checklist
How to Set Up a Suitable After Divorce ChecklistIt’s to be expected that numerous kind of checklists are offered whenever facing a current divorce petition. Everything from documents, property distribution, child custody, child support, alimony – all of that has to be considered. Not to mention the need to have all the information necessary – social security numbers, full..
11. Age of Divorcees Factor on Alimony
Age of Divorcees Factor on Alimony Of all the alimonyamount of timepermanent alimony Divorcees that break up after years of marriage are likely to be older. They may have grown children, thus eliminating any possible child support payments. An older person is less likely to be able to earn a substantial income, especially if either of the divorcees decided to forgo a career to stay home and raise a family. ..
12. Alabama Child Visitation Guidelines
A Brief Introduction to Alabama Child Visitation GuidelinesUnfortunately, there is no such thing as statewide Alabama Child Visitation Guidelines. Generally speaking, these guidelines are posited by each separate county, and as of 2012, neither the Supreme Court of Alabama nor its state legislature has taken it upon itself to create uniform Alabama child visitation guidelines.&..
13. Alabama Divorce Forms
Quick Guide to Alabama Divorce FormsA variety of conditions influences how many Alabama divorce forms you need to fill out.  If you have children, you will have to fill out more forms.  It is important to file each AL divorce forms at the appropriate time in order for the divorce process to move as smoothly as possible.  It’s advisable to hire a family law atto..
14. Alaska Divorce Forms
Quick Guide to Alaska Divorce FormsThere are specific Alaska divorce forms needed for every kind of divorce.  The number of forms is contingent on whether there are children and whether the divorce is uncontested or not.  If you are thinking about filing for divorce, you should contact a family law attorney to help you through the entire process from the initial petit..
15. Alimony Becoming a Requirement
Alimony Becoming a Requirement Today's alimony guidelines are very different from before. A judge will usually grant alimony to one spouse only if it can be proven that one spouse was financially dependent on the other.However, in the past, paying alimony was required even though alimony law was vague on the subject. A woman was unable to support herself. She was to tend the home, and the man was supposed to..