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1. A Quick Look into Statute of Frauds
A Quick Look into Statute of Frauds Mortgage fraud can occur in various ways, though generally it will involve the general manipulation or altering of the mortgage documents in order to provide for some sort of benefit to the seller, buyer, or real estate agent. Though laws regarding real estate and mortgages will differ from state to state, there is the requirement for the statute of frauds to be included i..
2. Bankruptcy Fraud Attorneys Overview
A bankruptcy attorney fulfills an important role in the overall scheme of bankruptcy fraud cases, not least he or she might end up defending the party responsible for the bankruptcy fraud. Most involvement of bankruptcy attorneys in fraudulent bankruptcy cases, however, is likely tangential at worst, with very little directly connecting the bankruptcy attorney to the fraud itse..
3. Cellular Phone Fraud Overview
Cellular Phone Fraud Overview When it comes to cellular phone fraud, there are several ways a criminal can utilize a cell phone to commit an act of deceit that involves fraud and can financially or socially hurt the victim involved.One way cell phone scams are executed involves subscribing for a cell phone and/or cell phone plan under false information or by using a third party's information without their a..
4. Credit Card Fraud Quick Overview
Credit Card Fraud Quick Overview What is Credit Card Fraud?Credit card fraud is a fairly broad and wide-ranging term that encompasses both fraud and theft committed in conjunction with credit card use or similar payment mediums. Credit card fraud arises when an individual or business scam fraudulently and illegally steals another party’s credit card information. When this personal information is obtained, th..
5. Disability Fraud Detection Overview
Disability Fraud Detection Overview Ninety percent of Americans on disability claim to have "invisible disabilities". Invisible disabilities are disabilities that cannot always be visually identified, and can make fraud detection considerably harder. There are also many different disabilities that can fall into this category.These illnesses include: chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and mental illness. Sometimes, pe..
6. Enforcement Overview
The only way to prevent false advertising from cropping up is to enforce the penalties imposed to punish perpetrators. But these penalties differ from the penalties surrounding many other types of fraudThe Federal Trade Commission was established in an effort to have a regulatory organization, the sole purpose of which would be to protect consumers from fraudulent acts. This in..
7. Famous Cases Credit Card Fraud Overview
Famous credit card fraud cases are not necessarily as common as you might think, because all too often, the fraudsters in credit card fraud cases get away with the crime. They are never successfully caught, because it is too hard to trace the fraud back to the perpetrator with only single instances of crime, and with smaller amounts of money, it is even difficult to get the att..
8. Fraud Investigation
Fraud Investigation Brief Guide to the Fraud Investigation ProcessWhat is Fraud?• In criminal law, fraud refers to an intentional deception mad by an individual for personal gain or to defame another individual. The specific legal definition of “fraud” will vary based on location; however, in the majority of legal jurisdictions, a fraudulent act is a crime and a civil violation. ..
9. Losses and Penalties Overview
Those hedge funds guilty of financial fraud are subjected to liability on a criminal level. Other losses include court fees, restitution, legal counsel fees, penalties, and initial losses acquired from the fraud itself. Monetary losses are only the first type of loss that individuals guilty of financial fraud experience.The second type is reputation losses, that result from dec..
10. Mail Fraud Quick Overview
Mail Fraud Quick Overview Mail fraud refers to any deceitful crime that includes the use of the postal system. Mail fraud is a crime in the United States and is punishable to the fullest extent of the law. In the countries like the United States, where federal governments help shape laws across the nation, mail fraud is considered a statutory crime. In other countries, mail fraud is not recognized as a ..
11. Marriage Fraud At A Glance
In an effort to reduce the amount of marriage fraud committed, the United States government stepped in to create acts and laws to help enforce codes against marriage fraud. One act that was passed was the Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments of 1986. The Immigration Act of 1990 was also created and helped to change the Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments of 1986 so that hars..
12. Multiple Filings Overview
Multiple Filings Overview Multiple filings is a type of bankruptcy fraud that is generally more innocuous than petition mills, while being possibly more serious than concealment of assets. This is because multiple filings cannot be made without direct intent of the filing party, and therefore cannot be accidents, as concealment of assets can be, but simultaneously, multiple filings are often not blatant..
13. Mutual Fund Fraud Overview
Mutual Fund Fraud Overview Mutual funds are investments where fund managers accepts funding from a client and searches around for smart investments on their behalf. Mutual funds can be quite lucrative if the broker is legitimate and if the investments go well. However, if the broker is a fraud or not legitimate, than he/she may be looking to commit mutual fund fraud. There are a variety of ways that mutu..
14. Overview of False Advertising
Overview of False Advertising False advertising is advertising which uses untruthful or deceptive claims in order to manipulate consumers in some significant way. It can range from outright lies about the efficacy of the product, such as "Effective in 100% of cases!" for a drug which is certainly not effective in 100% of cases, to attempts to pull in consumers via methods less focused on the product, and mo..
15. Overview to Identity Theft Specific Laws
As identity theft has changed and become more prevalent, identity theft law has been similarly changed and tweaked in an effort to curb the growth of identity theft. The efficacy of this law is debatable, but it is still important to know and understand the nature of these important laws concerning identity theft.Some of the laws are just proposed; some of the laws would provid..

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