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1. Adoption and Safe Families Act
Adoption and Safe Families Act The Adoption and Safe Families Act was a piece of legislation instituted in the United States in November 1997. The Act sought to address and remedy many of the problems that existed in the U.S. foster care system.Prior to the establishment of this legislation, foster care programs frequently sought to reunite foster children with their biological parents, often to the detrimen..
2. Adoption Resources Overview
Adoption Resources Overview Just going into any bookstore, one may notice just how many texts are available on child care. Realistically, raising children is no small chore. Of course, adoption is just a subset of this larger category. Irrespective of this, adoption has its fair share of books available for birth parents and those considering adoption.OnlineAs Internet use becomes more common and easier, ..
3. Africa
Africa Concerning the Vietnam War as it involved the United States, part of its legacy in this country includes memories of the wartime draft that compelled young men of age to either serve for their country or be arrested and detained by authorities for refusing to comply with the fFderal mandate.Of course, the draft itself was controversial, especially in its demand for the children..
4. Alabama Guardianship Law
A brief guide to Alabama guardianshipWhen an adult is mentally incapable of taking care of themselves or a minor child requires care, the court system may appoint someone to look after their physical health and mental welfare. Obtaining these kind of Alabama guardianships is not a process to be undertaken lightly, since it requires you to obtain many different kinds of responsi..
5. Alaska Guardianship Law
Frequently Asked Questions about Alaska Guardianship LawWhat is Alaska guardianship law?Alaska guardianship laws allow for individuals to have a legally recognized ability to control the finances, housing or medical care of another individual who is not capable of making decisions in their own benefit.  The person whose affairs a guardian manages is called a ward, and ever..
6. All You Need to Know About Adjusting to New Family
All You Need to Know About Adjusting to New Family Though adoptive parents may consciously treat their new additions as regular children and state there is no significance to them being adopted as far as they are concerned, the kids may not immediately reciprocate. Even when a birth parent has been abusive to a child, the bond between the two may be an enduring one, for the child will feel a sense of love and attachment for his..
7. All You Need to Know About Antiquity
All You Need to Know About Antiquity Surrogate mothers can be found throughout history. There is a popular misconception that surrogacy is new phenomenon. However, surrogacy is even seen in the biblical Book of Genesis. In those times, it was perfectly acceptable for a surrogate to carry a child for a woman and her husband. In general, the father personally and intimately impregnated the surrogate.This was often d..
8. All You Need to Know About Children Laws Overview
All You Need to Know About Children Laws Overview Laws regarding children are significant in terms of how they protect and give rights to children. In the past, childern have been barely viewed as entities in and of themselves. They were afforded few rights, and as such, they were treated poorly under the law.Modern Western law, however, focuses a great deal upon ensuring that children are protected by the law and extend right..
9. All You Need to Know About Children Unprepared For Adulthood
All You Need to Know About Children Unprepared For Adulthood Although the Federal Government has enforced a law that states that as a foster child exits the foster care system and is between the ages of 18 and 21, he or she is to receive additional aid from the State in the form of health care benefits, training, and financial assistance, this does not help every foster child.Some foster children do not qualify. Some programs are substan..
10. All You Need to Know About Egg and Sperm Donation
All You Need to Know About Egg and Sperm Donation When a couple struggles to become pregnant and has remained unsuccessful, they are left with several options. The reason for infertility may greatly limit their choices in having a baby of their own. If the issues regarding fertility have been found to relate to the woman's egg or the man's sperm, they may seek a donor egg or a sperm donor.In either case, only one intended pare..
11. All You Need to Know About Governing Laws for Military Service
All You Need to Know About Governing Laws for Military Service There are several different ways in which the emancipation of minors occurs. Once a minor has enlisted in the military, most states consider that minor to be emancipated, as the child no longer requires the support of their parents. The emancipation of minors generally occurs when children enter into the armed forces because it is impractical for a parent to continue p..
12. Beware Abuse Begetting Abuse
Beware Abuse Begetting Abuse Many of the people who are responsible for subjecting a child to child abuse have themselves experienced abuse as a child. Often, an individual has learned first hand that instilling fear in a child is an effective way of maintaining power and control. They may rely on violence or brutality in order to create this fear.In other cases, and individual who has experienced child ab..
13. Bride Kidnapping Explained
Bride Kidnapping Explained Bride kidnapping is defined as a man abducting the woman he wants to marry and trying to force her into a marital agreement. The definition of kidnapping is the taking a person away from their surroundings by force, lying to them, threatening them, or physically restraining them.There are some cultures where it is common for a man to kidnap his future wife instead of requesting..
14. California Guardianship Law
A Quick guide to California GuardianshipsCA GuardianshipsCalifornia Guardianship is offered to a person who has received permission from the court to make certain decisions and take care of a minor or adult who cannot take care of themselves and their property.  The California guardianship can be granted to a person is related or unrelated, but most of the time, a person w..
15. Canada
Canada Many who have chosen to take part in the surrogacy experience choose to utilize the services of international surrogates. While Canada is located in close proximity to the United States, intended parents may not find that it is the best option.As a country, Canada has tried to keep legislation up to date with regards to surrogacy. Quebec does not allow any woman to carry a chil..