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1. A Guide to the Legal Aspects of Technology
What is Technology?With regard to technology – both in its respective development, advancement, and usage – the opportunities presented as a result can initiate a wide array of opportunities and efforts. Technology can be implemented for a variety of means, ranging from commercial advancement to accelerated communication on both domestic and global levels.However, within an..
2. All You Need to Know About Spam
All You Need to Know About Spam What is Spam?Spam, which is unaffiliated with the gastronomic product that shares the same name, is classified as a cybercrime that takes place in the realm of the Internet, which can range from electronic transmission to interpersonal, digital communication. Spam, or the act of ‘Spamming’, is a term that has been given to any act involving the unsolicited transmission..
3. Child Protection Laws in Social Media
Child Protection Laws in Social Media   The internet is one place where anyone can seek out any kind of information or entertainment. The notion of internet is so widespread that you will find children of young age surfing the internet.  However, the idea of having children full freedom on the internet is opposed by many. The various acts and cyber crimes a..
4. Computer Crime Overview
Computer Crime Overview Computer crime, (also known as cybercrime) refers to any crime or fraudulent act that involves a computer and a network. The crime itself does not need to take place over the network. However, to be classified as a computer crime the wrongdoing must incorporate a computer or program as a fundamental instrument in the delivery of the action. With advancements in technology,..
5. Defending the Blogger’s Rights
Defending the Blogger’s Rights   Bloggers are the educated, experienced people who want to voice their views and opinions on different topics and they express these in their blog posts. They are the ones who write about topic which may be of personal interest or pertaining to their professional field. A blogger may sometimes face legal risks or challenges...
6. Domain Name Overview
Domain Name Overview When an individual considers becoming involved in domain real estate, there are many steps and procedures that he/she must complete before he/she can launch an operative website. Most importantly, when an individual is acquiring real estate for websites, he/she must obtain a domain name.A domain name is a unique identification tag that specifies the holder's area of authority. ..
7. Domain Real Estate Overview
Domain Real Estate Overview What is a Domain NameObtaining a domain name is an essential aspect of domain real estate. Real estate for websites depends upon domain names to permit consumers to access websites. Each website has a unique domain name, which is present within the website’s URL. Without a unique domain name and URL, a website could not be effectively accessed.Web Real EstateThe acquisition, ..
8. Easy Guide to Phishing
Easy Guide to Phishing What is Phishing?Phishing is defined as the criminal act of fraud that is covered under the jurisdiction of Cyber Law. Phishing is the illegal and unlawful attempt to obtain restricted, privileged information on the part of an unauthorized party. Phishing is typically committed with the intent of the participation in and facilitation of fraudulent activity.Phishing and Cyber La..
9. Easy to Read Overview of Encryption
Easy to Read Overview of Encryption What is Encryption?Encryption is classified as a methodology that is employed with the intent of concealing the meaning, syntax, readability, or identification of text through the use of coding and clandestine reformatting. Digital Encryption allows for the added protection of any or all personal, privileged, and private data over the Internet and associated computational netwo..
10. Electronic Communications Privacy Act
Electronic Communications Privacy Act What is the Electronic Communications Privacy Act?“Electric communication”, as defined by the United States Federal Government, means any transfer of signals, writings, signs, images, data, sound or intelligence of any form transmitted in whole or in part by radio, wire, photo electronic, photo optical or electromagnetic medium that alters interstate or foreign commerce. An..
11. Legal Music Downloads Overview
Legal Music Downloads Overview The issue of downloading music over the internet continues to be a debated topic. Granted, downloading music in such a way to circumvent having to appropriately purchase it is considered illegal, though there is still some inherent confusion of the legality of downloading music.The downloading of music has garnered a stigma to be an illegal act by many, largely due to the court..
12. Parental Control Software
Parental Control Software The Benefits of Parental Control SoftwareThe Internet can be an invaluable resource for kids. Kids can use it to communicate with other students and teachers, perform research for school reports, and enjoy interactive games. Once a kid knows how to properly use a computer, he or she has nearly unlimited access to anything.This sort of access can be very dangerous for kids who d..
13. Quick and Easy Overview of Illegal Downloads
Quick and Easy Overview of Illegal Downloads Illegal Downloads BackgroundIllegal downloads on the internet involve the violation of copyright laws, where users download material, such as music, movies, and other forms of media, without properly purchasing the products or doing so without the proper authority of the copyright owner. Illegal downloads are punishable by law, incurring high fines and possibly incarceration in..
14. Quick Overview of Hackers
Quick Overview of Hackers Hackers BackgroundComputer hackers are individuals who are able to break into secure computer networks. The motivation and goal of a hacker can vary greatly. While some hackers utilize their abilities to profit personally, others simply enjoy new challenges. Either way, computer hacking is generally illegal and an individual can receive a criminal sentence for hacking computers..
15. Quick Overview of Pirate Bay
Quick Overview of Pirate Bay What is the Pirate Bay?The Pirate Bay is a digital file-sharing website that utilizes Bit Torrent technology in tandem with the operation of a Peer-to-Peer network, which allows for the unlawful, illegal transmission of digital media and intellectual property. The Pirate Bay website contains a series of servers that houses the intellectual property through which it is circulate..

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